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My name is Lauren Wambach and I'm a freelance writer.  I have written Footscray Food Blog since 2009 and have also contributed regularly to food sections in The Age, Broadsheet and Time Out.  I also host foodie tours, beginning in partnership with the CAE and now running them independently.

When I first moved to Footscray in 2006, a Google search for Footscray restaurant reviews exposed an online black hole.  Food blogs may have been commenting voraciously on eateries east of the river, but the west elicited only a tiny blip on their collective radar.  At the time I was a new mother, living vicariously through food blogs while existing on leftover pureed pumpkin.  If it wasn't depressing enough that the run-down local playground was almost perpetually empty, all the food bloggers seemed to be living it up everywhere but the west.

So fine, I thought, I’ll make my own life raft.  I started this, the rather functionally titled Footscray Food Blog, and set about systematically exploring the inner west’s food scene.  (The original pseudonym I used was Ms Baklover.)  I'm proud of playing a part in breaking down stigma about Melbourne's west, as well as linking newer residents with the rich existing culture of Footscray and surrounds, so as to ensure a continuous and vibrant interaction between old and new.  That, and having an excuse to eat far too much, far too often.

Here at Footscray Food Blog I write exclusively about Melbourne's western slice, from the CBD to Snorbens and beyond.  However, I'm always scouring the whole city for the best tastes, be they in Spring Street or Springvale.

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and via email (lauren@laurenwambach.com).  Read more at my personal website, www.laurenwambach.com.


  1. As a newcomer to Melbourne living in Brunswick yet working in Footscray I love your blog! Coming from an ABC (Australian Born Chinese) Malaysian background I have always loved to try new food experinces. Growing up in Sydney has giving me much opportunity to experience some of the best food choices from Vietnam, Malaysia, HK, Japan, Mainland China, Nepal, Thailand and Korea. Your blog has been a godsend and having been to the places you write about I am assured that my decision to move to Melbourne was the right one. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you so much - that really means a lot! Hope you continue to enjoy living in Melbs :-)

  2. so nice to see the creativity....food and art my favs....

  3. Hi Ms Baklover, I noticed last night on my way home a new place named GRILL finally opened its doors. Located on the Princess Highway just up from the corner of Barkly Street, left hand side heading west near the jet ski shop.
    Have you eaten there yet ?


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