Tuesday, April 19, 2011


last supper
Last Supper by Caroline Ierodiaconou (used with permission)

I am taking a break over Easter and will be back shortly.  Thank you so much for reading; as any blogger will tell you, the payment is in the comments, emails and other feedback you give me and I appreciate every time you drop me a line.

Keep your eyes out around Footscray and West Footscray (and the city!) for beautifully haunting street art by local artist Caroline Ierodiaconou, whose piece is featured above.  I love her work - it adds another dimension to the suburb I love, beyond the $2 shops and the hairdressers.  My last count is five - can you find them?

Melbourne revolutionary craft circle action (used with permission)

In other arts news, local artist Rayna Fahey has just started a three-month residency at the EcoLiving Centre in Wyndham Vale.  Rayna's work involves "traditional" embroidery with a subversive spin or larger-scale outdoor installations.  She will be running workshops and other goodies so keep track via her blog to get involved.


The official From Cup to Crop campaign ended on April 14 but Plan International's work with vulnerable communities is far from done.  My own personal challenge for the month has been to donate $3 for every meal I have out.  $3 can feed one child for a staggering 10 days with Plan International's partnerships with various humanitarian agencies - the agencies source the food while Plan is responsible for storing and distributing that food to communities they work with in countries such as Southern Sudan, Ethiopian and Zimbabwe.

April 2011 122

Lastly, I had wanted to do a hot cross bun roundup but tummy says yes, jeans say no!  The cakey beauties above are from the Pie and Pastry House at 166 Churchill Ave, Braybrook.  Also try Sourdough Kitchen (sourdough hot cross buns!) at 172 Victoria St, Seddon and Hausfrau, 32a Ballarat St, Yarraville.  If you want a Easter egg tip, Cheaper Buy Miles in Nicholson Street Mall have bargain gourmet eggs, especially getting this close to Easter.

Have a very happy Melbourne Easter and see you soon.

-- Lauren aka Ms Baklover


  1. Happy Easter Lauren, I hope you have a lovely break, and consume copious amounts of Chocolate :)

  2. Happy Easter! An Easter Egg pop-up shop has also opened up in Central West, near the Michel's. They've got Cadbury and Lindt - some are really cheap. They seem to be in date too - not sure what if there is anything wrong with them.. figure the kids won't care anyway : )

  3. Have a great Easter Lauren. I really enjoy checking out your blog and look forward to your return :)

  4. I've already dropped by Hausfrau hehe. We also had a charity bake off at work so of course, more hot cross buns with loads of butter. It's all for a good cause!

    Enjoy ya break!

  5. Have a great easter! Catch up when I get back. We still have yumcha catch up ;)

  6. happy easter lovely

    glad you made it to braybrook for some easter nom. Hope they were great. Yes my pants are looking forward to the end of easter and we haven't even got to the chocolate yet. Heck..

  7. Happy Easter Lauren!!! Wishing you and yours as many choccie eggs as you can humanly stomach ... and then some more.

  8. Happy Easter Lauren! Love the blog and indugled in some of the hot cross buns from Pie and Pastry house thanks to your tip, amazing!! Sasha


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