Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do you have pulling power? Rickshaw pullers wanted!

Want to know how easy pulling a rickshaw is?


So easy, kids can do it!

Things are hotting up at Rickshaw Run HQ. We've booked the musicians and we've finalised the menu. Most of all, following my callout last week I have been blown away by all the amazing folks who have volunteered to help out so far. But while peeps are keen to marshal, I don't have so many takers for rickshaw drivers yet - so I thought I'd give you a bit more info about it.


So while a volunteer shift as a rickshaw puller goes for four hours, your actual pulling time is less than an hour over the whole shift. There are six stops on our circuit, and the pulling distance and time between them is as follows:

Stop 1 to 2:  120 metres (1 minute)
Stop 2 to 3:  60 metres (45 seconds)
Stop 3 to 4:  50 metres (37 seconds)
Stop 4 to 5:  110 metres (1 minute)
Stop 5 to 6:  40 metres (30 seconds)
Stop 6 to 1:  280 metres (3 minutes)

As you can see - not far at all!  You get a generous rest break in between pulling periods.


Here are a few of your fellow locals who are up for the challenge. Chris on the right is a veteran from last year, while Rebecca, Claire and Luke are keen newbies. I am loving that more women are willing to give it a go this year!


We had a bit of a play around with the rickshaws, and everyone commented on how easy they are to pull - even when fully loaded! It has to do with the big wheels and long handles (physics, man). All you really need is a moderate level of fitness.

These famous local faces are also ready to rumble, rickshaw style:

2013-10-26 11.35.50-1
Tim Watts, local MP for Gellibrand

Grant Miles, Mayor of the City of Maribyrnong

Nam Quach, Deputy Mayor of the City of Maribyrnong

Abdul Hussen from Konjo Restaurant, Footscray

Again, the shifts available are:

Friday 7 March
Dinner - approximately 5pm-9.30pm

Saturday 8 March
Lunch - approximately 11.30am-3.30pm
Afternoon - approximately 2.30-6.30pm
Dinner - approximately 5.30-9.30pm

Sunday 9 March
Lunch - approximately 11.30am-3.30pm
Afternoon - approximately 2.30-6.30pm
Dinner - approximately 5.30-9.15pm

Monday 10 March (Labour Day)
Lunch - approximately 11.30am-4pm

Everyone who volunteers gets a meal and an official Rickshaw Run T-shirt.

We still need more marshals too - see this post for more details about this role.

Even if you can't volunteer - could you help spread the word? It would be AMAZING if you could stick this poster up at your school, childcare centre, gym, workplace, or on your mirror to psych yourself up in the morning about how awesome you are for giving your time to Footscray. DOWNLOAD IT HERE(The poster looks kind of weird online, but if you click the download button, the pics come up properly.) If you can't get it to download, give me a call or email and I will arrange to either email or post you one.

If you are keen to volunteer or can help in distributing posters, 
give me a call on 0438 583 808.

You can also email me on lauren@laurenwambach.com

And if somehow I have missed your call, email or text from last week - feel free to call back!

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