Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nami Sushi

Oh, nori roll, what did Australia ever do without you?  As grabbable as a potato cake and as pseudo-healthy as a Boost juice.  Every second toddler I see at Highpoint is clutching an avocado roll in their chubby fists.


Footscray now has a schwank sushi joint in the form of Nami Sushi, just opened on Paisley Street.  I love their groovy design!


You've got your regulars, like tempura prawn and avocado.  But then there are a few quirky characters - sundried tomato, cream cheese and avocado, anyone?  And there are cool "inside-out" rolls with the rice on the outside.


There are also some really funky layered rolls, like the one above on the left, with a nice slab of salmon on top.  The verdict?  I really enjoyed both rolls.  My only complaint is they were quite cold.  I'm not sure how Sushi Sushi et al do it, but their rolls are always at a good temperature that makes the nori not too chewy and the flavours all wide awake.  (Yes, yes, I know all about the other thing they found in one of the Highpoint stores' rolls that was also very much wide awake.)  It's probably a hard line to walk with government food safety regulations, I'd imagine.  The secret is probably fast turnover, which I think will become Nami's reality very soon.


The menu online looks very cool but at least as far as I gathered, not everything was available just yet.  They've even got a sushi pizza, which I don't even know how to describe, looking at the picture on their Facebook page.  I hope they get the brown rice sushi happening soon.  (Yes, I am a big hippy.)


At this stage there are tables and chairs but no specific eat-in trimmings.  It would be great to have plates rather than having to eat out of the takeaway boxes.  But for now, can I revert to being one of those nori roll-loving toddlers and exclaim...  Nami Sushi?  Nummy sushi!

Nami Sushi
3 Paisley St, Footscray


  1. Yay I have to try it. Can you possibly recommend a Thai place in Footscray? Haven't found one anywhere around the main drag yet? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Caz! Unfortunately Thai options are pretty few on the ground, not only in Footscray but in the west in general. Your best bet is probably Yim Yam in Yarraville. There's definitely a market here for some really good Thai!

  2. Went there on my way home tonight and had their sushi and sashimi deluxe combo box. Was top quality. Definitely a cut above the food court sushi i have for lunch! Can't wait to try the sushi pizza next time! Thanks for the tip!


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