Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quang Vinh

Tra Vinh and Quang Vinh 001

I love Footscray and always will, but I am far from monogamous.  A rumour of warm, golden-brown burek or the seductive whisper of properly frothed milk for coffee is enough to send me hurtling down Ballarat Road in either direction.  St Albans, 20 minutes' drive from Footscray, is my latest indulgence.  Unlike in Footscray, here a Balkan influence pervades, along with several enticing Vietnamese restaurants.  Quang Vinh in Alfrieda Street beckoned for a quick, weeknight dinner.

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Salt & pepper chicken ribs, $15.80

These are sooo good.  Chicken ribs are a fantastic cut of chicken that is not often available in butchers (they are in Footscray Market, though).  They are almost like lollipops, with just one long central bone and lots of juicy meat around them, with no cartilage or stringy bits - far superior to more ubiquitous (though cheaper) drummettes and wingettes.  "Salt and pepper" mean the meat will be deep-fried in a very crunchy, zingy coating and sprinkled with a totally delicious mix of lightly cooked garlic, chilli and spring onion.  The grabbable nature of the ribs means the are very kid friendly, although arguably as nutritious as KFC!

Tra Vinh and Quang Vinh 002
Mixed vegetables, $12.80

I love this style of mixed vegetables.  Literally within three minutes of ordering this, it was on our table.  The vegies are so lightly cooked and retain all of their fresh qualities of flavour, colour and crunch.  With steamed rice and a little chilli oil from the bowl on every table, these alone would be a great meal.

Tra Vinh and Quang Vinh 004

I really like this restaurant - the staff are very friendly, service is efficient and the food is really tasty and fresh.  Their specialty is hu tieu mi noodle dishes, or dishes of egg and/or rice noodles with vegies and various meats, served either in a soup or 'dry' with a small bowl of soup on the side.  For vegetarians, they also have "monk's vegetables" or "Buddha's delight", a dish of lotus root and various fresh and dried vegies traditionally eaten on Chinese New Year.  Make sure you book if you are not going early - it is deservedly very popular!

Quang Vinh on Urbanspoon

Quang Vinh
66 Alfrieda St, St Albans (map)
Phone: 9366 4147
Hours:  7 days

Wheelchair Accessibility
Access:  Flat level to enter
Layout:  Somewhat squishy

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  1. Oh i love your blog! I just came across it! I live in St. Albans and let me tell you a secret. This restaurant isn't the best in the street hehehe. If you cross the road and walk towards the library there's a little eating place called "Chu Nam Quan", eat there if you get a chance, it is delicious! Especially the Beef casserole rice noodle soup- to die for!


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