Monday, January 24, 2011

Eat Pizza

Pizza or pizze?  Matchstick ham or prosciutto?  Tap washer olives or unpitted kalamatas?  Pizza in Melbourne has two fairly distinct incarnations, the Australianised version with "classic" toppings like Aussie (bacon & egg) or Meatlovers, versus the more authentic Italian style with little cheese and interesting toppings like zucchini flowers.  Both styles of pizza have their place for me, though.  The challenge is trying to find a decent Aussie-style, Friday night-takeaway, cold-in-the-fridge-for-breakfast-the-next-day pizza.

Eat Pizza

Eat Pizza is at the far edge of the City of Maribyrnong before you hit Ascot Vale.  It looks like the average pizza place but its menu reveals a real treasure trove.  As well as classic and "gourmet" pizzas, they do wholemeal bases, homemade gluten-free bases and vegan toppings such as vegan salami and vegan cheese!  They offer an option of Virginia ham instead of the typical shredded style as well as sujuk which is a halal salami-style sausage.

December 2010 010
Vegetarian, $11

Pretty much the perfect Aussie-style vegetarian pizza.  Well-cooked green capsicum, onion, thinly-sliced mushroom and whole (pitted) olives on a base that was neither thick nor thin.  Most vegetarian pizzas suffer from a lack of salt but this was well-seasoned.

Mexican, $11

Super generous on the jalapenos!  The salami was spicy and had gone deliciously crisp on the edges.  Another winner.

December 2010 021

If the well-made pizzas are my number one reason to go to Eat Pizza, it's very closely followed by their excellent pick-up deal, two large traditional pizzas, a salad and a bottle of soft drink for $21.90.  The salad is just a simple mix of baby salad leaves, a wedge or two of tomato and a slice of cucumber but it does the job.

December 2010 022

The Baklover family is divided, though - Mr Baklover thinks Eat Pizza are all right, nothing special.  Coming from the pizza capital of the United States, he is hard to impress.  I think it's the best local option for this style of pizza and best of all, it's perfect cold the next day for breakfast - if it lasts that long!

UPDATE!  Now coming to the old Godfather's Pizza at cnr Gordon Street and Ballarat Roads, Footscray!

Eat Pizza
44 Raleigh Road, Maribyrnong (map)
Phone: 9317 7977
NB parking behind the restaurant

Wheelchair Accessibility
Step to enter


  1. Hmmm...the crust actually looks like it might have a bit of promise! Did I tell you about how after searching around for what we consider to be good pizza, we finally found that our local "Godfather's" in Yarraville is actually one of the best?

  2. If I can get that style of pizza in this country town of mine - I'm gonna say it's freaking awesome!!

  3. To be fair I have come to the table on EatPizza this past round after(grudgingly)ordering outside my standard Hawaiian with mushroom.

    They make a good pizza. I can't comment on eating it cold though. You mind saving me a piece next time?? :P

  4. Mr Baklover, was that an emoticon you just used? I don't know you anymore!

    Kurichan, thanks for the tip about Godfathers! We will be sure to check them out next!

    Celeste, good to hear from you! I do love it. Lots of jalapenos and not too much cheese - perfect.

  5. FYI - they no longer do the deal, but the pizzas are still pretty awesome. Virginia ham standard, no matchstick crap.

  6. Lauren, it would great if you get the chance to review Eat Pizza in Gordon Street, Footscray. They deserve a look. The place is clean and the pizza is good.


  7. Catherine, that is definitely high on the radar. I must try their gourmet offerings too. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I used to live down the road from that little block of shops and I used to get pizza from the pizza shop that was there before Eat Pizza.

    Thanks for the review, love your detailed blog and photos!!

    I'm keen to try this place out for the wholemeal base!!! I am trying not to eat white bread any more so this pizza shop with it's healthy options is perfect!!! And wow at the pick up deal!

    Pizza down by the Nong for me this summer!

    (OMG so may '!!!!' in my comment!

    1. Neeno, FYI the pick up deal is no more! The pizzas are still pretty good though :-)


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