Monday, January 6, 2014

Pod at PID

Disclaimer:  Owner of Post Industrial Design, Mary, is a friend of mine.

So...  The wheel (if you're a true Westie, you know what I mean) is out of service again!  Apparently a window on one of the pods has cracked.  Well, one pod you can rely on is Pod, the new cafe which has taken up residence in one quarter of Post Industrial Design.


This bright and airy space has been created by Fi, formerly of Fidama, Misuzu's and Sourdough Kitchen, and her partner Jess, who has manned the pans at the Station and the Plough.  I've seen her friendly staff at local spots like Le Chien, West 48 and Sourdough Kitchen.


Fi, Jess and team have been reportedly completely slammed since opening a month or so back.  We assembled a group of girls to give the menu a good going-over.


So PURTY!  Smoked trout, green beans, radish, shallots, aioli and poached egg ($16).


Seriously, this must be why all the movie stars are so slim.  If I had a personal chef, I would eat stuff like this every day (versus good ole late-night cheese jaffles).  Cauli, quinoa and chickpea salad with herbs and feta ($14).


Another light and lovely brunch - roasted pumpkin, goats curd, pepita pesto and rye crisps ($13.50).


Something that perhaps recalls Fi's time at Misuzu's in Albert Park - miso, braised chicken onigiri (rice balls) and an iceberg and wakame salad ($17.50).


A "Polish ploughman", with various interesting sausages and smooshy things ($18.50).  Everything was exquisite but one comment was that the portions are not very large.  If you are after a light lunch, no worries, but otherwise you may end up feeling a little peckish after.


This was my lunch and it was an absolute winner.  Poached chicken with spinach and "truffled pecorino mayo" on good bread.  The chicken was soft and velvety, the mayo luscious, with little pops of bitey pecorino coming through now and then.  I enjoyed every single mouthful.  This is what to have if you're starving - or get one and split it as a side!  And in this day and age, nine bucks for a premium sandwich is a bargain.


Anyway, the upside to a light lunch means - more room for dessert!  From memory, these were specials of rice pudding and a blueberry pannacotta.  They were absolutely heavenly.


I snuck back a few weeks later for breakfast.  We umm-ed and aah-ed over this "breakfast salad" ($10, $12 with goats cheese).  It was super light, healthy and so delicious.  Loved the crunch of pepitas and sunflower seeds.


Poached eggs, "mushroom duxelles" (like a mushroom pate), baked mushies, sage and truffle oil. ($15.80)  Really great.


Coffee is from Niccolo beans and is satisfying.  The chai is fantastic. 


Afterwards, there's plenty of time to browse Mary's gorgeous offerings at Post Industrial Design in the adjacent rooms.  She has lovely things - beautiful silk scarves made locally, jewellery so yummy it could double as dessert, and cards by Baby Guerrilla and Able and Game.

And while we're in the neighbourhood, a shout-out to Andy of Rex hairdressing just across the street, who is a great girl, not just because I am currently rocking a new, short 'do by her.  New year, new style, and I hope many new and exciting things for you...and me!

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  1. I love the breakfast salad. Such a great way to start the day.

    1. Isn't it lovely, Karen? It feels like you couldn't help but have a good day if you ate that for breakfast.

  2. I love that store, great space for a cafe. And Fi's cooking credentials definitely look impressive! Can't wait to try this one out!

    1. It works so well - right down to the names! Pod and PID!

  3. Looking forward to checking it out!
    Love Post Industrial design, what a good combo.

  4. So when do we get to see the new do??

    1. Ha! Maybe it's a good excuse to update my profile pic! Stay tuned....

  5. I think this place is absolute gold! The food and service is awesome. Everything I have had there I have enjoyed from the rice pudding to the poached chicken sandwich. Best thing to happen in West Footy for ages, a true example of what can be achieved when you really care about what you do.

    1. I agree Colum. Fi is a fantastic host and genuinely cares.


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