Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Streetwise Snacks - FFB tour this Saturday!

2013 was a big year of firsts for me.  I ran my first 10 K, hosted (along with Kenny Weir) the inaugural Westies food awards, and offered a suite of walking tours in and around Footscray under the banner of the CAE.  After a hard morning's walking, my groups and I cooled our heels everywhere from Africa Lounge...


...to Aangan.  We enjoyed everything from a sumptuous Somali spread to a special-order-only South Indian thali.


I have also been offering private tours throughout the year, creating custom tours for clients such as Lonely Planet, Second Bite, and a bunch of beautiful mums and bubs from Y-MAD (Yarraville Mums and Dads).

Photo by Kenny Weir of Consider the Sauce

I really value my apprenticeship with CAE in 2013.  I have now resigned as a tutor and am exploring offering a suite of regular public tours in addition to my private tour work.  My first publicly available tour is coming up this Saturday, 18 January and is entitled Streetwise Snacks.

Streetwise snacks 1
Photo by Nat Stockley

Come and join me, and we'll sample the best streetside snacks the 'scray has to offer.  This tour is all about what you can eat on your feet when you're out and about.  We'll sidle up to counters aplenty and gobble traditional Somali snacks, crisp Macedonian delights, yum cha on the go and more.

Time Out tour scan 3

I first ran this tour as part of Maribyrnong Council's suite of Discover Footscray tours.  At that time it was covered by Kenny Weir at Consider the Sauce, and Time Out magazine, who included it in their "One Perfect Day" summer spread.  You should also check out the gorgeous gallery of tour photos on the Time Out website!

Streetwise Snacks 2
Photo by Nat Stockley

The tour costs $60 (plus 30 cent booking fee) and goes for 1.5 hours, from 12.30pm till 2pm.  All food costs are included and there's enough to amply consider it lunch.  If you think you are hungry afterwards, I will eat my bag.

Book via the TryBooking link right here!  And if you are interested in a private tour, you can contact me via the details this-a way.

UPDATE, 16/1/14:  This tour is now sold out!  Please follow the link to add your name to the waiting list for the next time Streetwise Snacks runs.  Alternatively, you can also email me on lauren@laurenwambach.com and I will make sure you are notified of the next scheduled date.

Time Out tour scan 4


  1. Oh you must tell us where the special-order South Indian Thali comes from ... can you? And whether we can go and order it. It looks divine!

    1. Hi Naomi! It's from Aangan in West Footscray. It is amazing. However, it's not on the menu so you can't order it, unfortunately - Aangan did a South Indian lunch promotion for a stretch, and they brought the thali back for this tour specially for me.

      One of my thoughts for the future was to organise the thali again for a group of readers. Is this something folks would be interested in?

    2. I would love this, Lauren, and could probably organise a small group to come!

    3. Fantastic, Joanna! Can you email me your contact details? This definitely won't happen for at least five weeks, when Rickshaw Run is over, but I'll start organising it then!

  2. Wow how awesome! Only in the West would you get people that celebrate and share their cultural diversity so beautifully as this. Such a great idea and I'm glad you got to share it with us. Hey, happy new year to you Lauren wishing you all the best and happy moments ahead!


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