Monday, February 2, 2015

Rhubarb Wholefoods, Seddon

So an era ended for me on Friday.  After over 9 years of being pregnant and/or raising little kids, all three of my daughters are safely delivered to primary school.

Taken in 2006!

Everyone keeps asking me, "What are you going to do with yourself?"  The question is more what aren't I?!  I am so excited for this new beginning and for weeks I had been planning the perfect place to have a celebratory meal.

I wanted somewhere delicious.  I wanted somewhere serene.  And I also wanted something symbolic, something that would signify a fresh start - not just another plate of smashed avocado.  Enter Rhubarb Wholefoods.


This has opened on the old site of the May Hong pool hall on the corner of Buckley and Victoria Streets.


When she was a baby, every Friday I used to put my oldest child in the occasional childcare on Buckley St kind of opposite (it has since closed).  I would drop her off and walk past May Hong, feeling free as a bird, down Victoria Street to brunch at Le Chien.  It's not an exaggeration to say that I lived for those few hours on a Friday morning.


Rhubarb is going to sell organic dry goods and they already have a quite decent range.  There are herbal teas, including Chai Walli chai...


...and local raw Maidstone honey - totally trying this.


Not pictured is the fridge full of cashew cream, chocolates, and various pickled things.


The full menu is not yet up and running but they have a small spread in the meantime.  This was everything I wanted and more.  A big wedge of great sourdough, spread with tahini, and surfing on top gorgeous springy slices of mushroom in lemon and hot paprika, loads of perfectly cooked kale, and tangy, bursty pomegranate seeds.  This wasn't your average soggy, undersalted "health food".  You could tell that the cook knew their way around a pan.


There's no espresso here - only stovetop (this was had by @cubbieberry who I ran into - hiya!)...

$3.50 plus 50 cents for soy

...but there is chai which is more the authentic Indian style vs a chai latte.  It was delicious.


Meet Natasha, the owner.  The plan is to have a spread of different salads at lunch that you can make up a plate with, and an Indian night once per week.  I love this kind of food - I can just feel my liver vibrating joyously at the sight of it - but if you can't imagine brunch without poached eggs, bacon and a latte, this is probably going to be the wrong spot for you.


This year is also a new beginning for me as I am taking my life in a new direction.  I have decided to return to university in 2016 to pursue graduate study in linguistics.  Languages are a deep and abiding passion of mine.  I was raised in a bilingual Australian Signed Language/English home, became fluent in French through eight years at school, and did an undergraduate degree majoring in Arabic.  I'm spending 2015 getting all my languages back to the standard they were at before kids took over.


So unfortunately, if you missed out on one of my food tours or food events before now, there won't be any more - at least for the foreseeable future.  Likewise, I will not be contributing freelance to any more publications - the only place you will be able to read my words is right here on Footscray Food Blog.  I love bashing away at this blog, even if my contributions are on the sporadic side sometimes. Rest assured I am not going anywhere!


So what else did I do on my fresh-start Friday?  What else but have a flotation tank?  No, I do not like to do anything by halves!  And I look forward to bringing that same attitude to my new direction.

Rhubarb Wholefoods (Facebook)
129 Buckley Street, Seddon
(I'll add the hours next time I'm there!)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Although you really don't look old enough to have three kids in school! Enjoy your new found freedom, and all the new hobbies (and old ones you're returning to) in the upcoming months :)

    1. Thank you!! xo Yes, I was a young mother! I was 25 in the picture above. It had its challenges, that is for sure, but its benefits too. At any rate though I am loving every minute of these glorious 9 till 3.30 days!

  2. I noticed Rhubarb going past on the bus the other day. Thanks for the head's up - I'm a natural/whole foods eater so I look forward to visiting.
    Do have a wonderful year, achieving all you want to for yourself, after looking after little ones fulltime for so long :-)

    1. Thank you very much! These last nine years feel like the longest time. So much happened during them! I am so excited to look back nine years from NOW and see all the amazing things that happened in THEM.

  3. Where is this floatation tank? Is it local?

    1. No, not local - about 30 mins away in Northcote.

      The only other one I could find in Melbourne was also northside, in Heidelberg:

  4. Congratulations on shipping all the kidlets off! Sounds like an exciting new adventure

  5. Congratulations on the end of one era and the beginning of another Lauren!

    Can you please tell me where the float tank is located? (I had a float years ago and LOVED it)! Many thanks from Keri x

    1. Hi Keri! Sure - it's in Northcote.

      You know, I was saying on Facebook that I don't think I should have done it that particular day. My mind was too buzzing with excitement and I just wanted to get out (not literally out of the tank, but figuratively!) and start doing things. So I found it hard to really "let go". They did say you needed a few goes to really get the hang of it. Do you have any tips?

    2. Thanks Lauren - I'll check it out (could really used a float this week as I'm feeling very stressed)!

      As I've only done it once I don't think I'm qualified to give tips, but I remember feeling almost like I didn't have a body anymore! The temperature of the water is meant to be the same as blood temperature, and I couldn't tell where my skin ended and the water began!

      I think you should definitely give it another go!

    3. Wow anon - that sounds amazing! I could definitely tell where my body ended - the bits sticking out of the water started to get cold after a while and I had to splash water over them! I think next time I will try at the other place in Melbourne that has flotation tanks, Inner Outer Health in Heidelberg. Perhaps it will be a different experience altogether.

  6. Best wishes for your new directions this year! Glad that we can still expect updates from you here. :-)


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