Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hao Phong

Hao Phong is your massively menu-ed, always busy, go-to Vietnamese in Footscray. It is fresh, fast and delicious as we Melbournians have come to expect Vietnamese to be. Last night was the second time I have been, and our waiter used to work at Thanh Thanh in Victoria St, Richmond, my all-time fave V. restaurant - a good omen!

Chicken Coleslaw - fresh, light and who can pass up a sleazy prawn cracker

Seafood Char Kway Teow - toothsome fresh rice noodles, egg, turmeric, lots of mixed seafood (may I be a purist and say, correct me if I'm wrong but it was not really char kway teow, but quite happy nonetheless)

We also had crispy squid which despite being battered rather than crispy rice/cornflour coated, was sinfully squidlicious. Tea was hot, fresh and not bitter at all. Great restaurant - love it.

Hao Phong, 136 Hopkins St, Footscray (between Leeds & Nicholson Sts)

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  1. Their grilled prawns with rice vermicelli(bun) is fantastic. This is a great restaurant and one of the few in Footscray without a 100 inch plasma, although I find the service a little cold at times. Great blog by the way!

  2. Fantastic food, great service. Waiters need to smile and be more welcoming, and pick up serviettes from floor as it made the restaurant look a bit dirty and not clean.

  3. Thanks for your comment anon. I went in there recently craving salt and pepper squid but left when I realised they didn't have it! Another time couldn't get a table. Must go back soon.


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