Monday, February 9, 2009

Charles Pizza

We were at a BBQ all afternoon Sunday and due to decrepit Footscray Park BBQs didn't get our snag until 4.30pm! By 9pm we were hungry again and decided to go for pizza. Went for old fave Charles Pizza on Droop St, near the corner of Ballarat Rd (Footscray of course). I had Wendy's Special (hot salami, capsicum, olives) while Mr Baklover got Hawaiian. It was OK - the salami was so chewy though, if you bit into a piece you couldn't bite through it, you had to rip it with your hands if you wanted to distribute over two bites. The garlic bread wasn't the loaf type that is connected just along the bottom so you can rip it apart, it was single pieces, but I like the aforementioned sleazy sort!! We used to get pizza from here weekly and it was always a bit random, aside from the tough salami I do like their style with a good crust and not too much cheese. I just wish pizza was a "respected" foodstuff like it is in the USA, rather than just being "take-away" and made with as much care (or rather lack of) here in Australia.

Charles Pizza, 131 Droop St, Footscray (near cnr Ballarat Rd)

Charles Pizza on Urbanspoon

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yim Yam

Stopped here on the way to see Gran Torino at the Sun, which, incidentally, is the best film I have seen in a long time. So many currents of generational change in America, racial tension, the rust belt, all delivered with so much black humour. Yim Yam was really fantastic, service was OK (it was busy though). I had a Laotian whitebait salad which was just delicious, crunchy with roasted peanuts, sour, full of mint and red onion. Yum Yum. Also a sour, clear fish soup full of vegies, fish, prawns and squid. The prawns and squid were great but I am not a fan of fish pieces in soup, I think they go too mealy, and the veg were just OK. It would have been excellent with some rice noodles in it but instead I had to order some steamed rice that was a bit long in the tooth. The broth itself however was exceptional. Will definitely be back. Yarraville was pumping and it was so nice to see so many people out on the street enjoying the warm night.

Yim Yam, 40A Ballarat St, Yarraville (south of Anderson)

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Friday, February 6, 2009

N.B. To try

North East China Family in Flinders La bet. Elizabeth & Queen - dumplings on non-cracked plates (what a revelation)
Seoul House Korean BBQ in Russell St
Pho Tam cnr Ryan & Leeds, Footy (try Hủ tiếu Gả Dòn - chicken soup with fried chicken)
L'Uccellino thin-crust pizza in Yarraville
Yarraville-Footscray bowls club on Francis St nr Roberts - TRIED (NASTY!!!)

And to buy: - BOUGHT (pretty good)

Chip & Fish Shack

The current weather in Melbourne is like nothing I have ever experienced in my 28 years of living here. Temperatures of 43, 44 even 45 degrees! This weekend the Premier has said to cancel all plans if you can. Er, what about my friend getting married?! A few days ago after a pregnant waddle to Sims and back with both kids in tow I literally could not cook dinner. Chip & Fish Shack in Essex St (bet. Gordon & Eleanor) was there for us and oh my God, it is as good as ever. We never have the flake (mercury/overfished), I usually have whiting while Mr Baklover has Blue Grenadier but we all had whiting today having had BG for lunch. The batter is sensational and the fish inside cooked perfectly. Combined with minimum chips with chicken salt (yes, full of MSG, I know) it is truly the best fish and chips in Melbs. They are even nice enough to tell you if you ask which is the freshest fish that day. I think Wednesday must be a good day to go as they are closed Tues and I assume therefore all the fish is bought on Wednesday, and perhaps again on Fri or Sat.

UPDATE - Chip & Fish Shack is closed! Sob!! Now replaced by Ebi Fine Food which describes itself as Japanese fusion fish & chips. I am keeping an open mind, but lament the loss of a proper, old school fish & chipper.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Phở Chu The

Despite nabbing a spot right outside my current fave phở shop, Phở Hung Vuong, in the spirit of this blog I decided to take the kids to Phở Chu The, further down Hopkins (aka Barkly) past Cavallaro's. I had heard good things and was impressed upon entry as to A. busyness B. no English menu C. nothing to be had but phở and D. little dish of fresh chopped red & green chillis on table. Ordered a huge Phở Bo for me and the girls. Unfortunately the broth was pretty one-dimensional, but worse than that, the beef was not sliced thinly at all, meaning that it took ages to cook in the hot stock. It also came with sliced (yellow/brown) onions on top which I didn't want. Boo Chu The.

Pho Chu The, 92 Hopkins St, Footscray (opposite market, between Leeds & Moore/Irving)

Pho Chu The on Urbanspoon

A list of places to try:

Rajdhani on Barkly St (UPDATE: currently shut down for renovation)
New Indian place in Nicholson St (UPDATE: I think I meant Kitchen Samrat in Leeds - yummy, will revisit)
Indi Hots in Hopkins St
Madhumoti cnr Irving & Albert
Pho Hien Vuong in Leeds St
Tan Truc Giang (sp?) in Leeds St (UPDATE: YUMMY - will revisit)
Big new Hunanese place in Barkly St
Gold Leaf yum cha in Ballarat Rd Sunshine (UPDATE: yummy yum cha - really good!)

Love Footscray

I love reading Epicure and blogs about eating out in Melbourne but it is depressing that A. there is precious little about the western suburbs (Matt Preston's writing a notable exception) and B. I either can't afford it or it is not under 3 y.o. friendly.

Solution, a blog about eating locally and cheaply in Footscray. Forays into the city and further west likely, perhaps even some fine dining if we get lucky!
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