Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello Gelo

Icecream in summer is one of my fondest memories of my childhood in Melbourne.  We never had it at home; it was an "outing only" affair.  The discussion of what flavour to get was a matter of national significance.  I remember Charmaine's first opening on Brunswick Street and later at Southbank and totally revolutionising ice cream.  They had crazy flavours like licorice and chilli chocolate whereas all prior icecream had been hokey pokey, old English toffee and bubblegum.

Hello Gelo and Queen's Rose 047

Footscray and surrounds has been somewhat devoid of a good icecream parlour.  Charlie's did open a gelati bar on Droop Street but to me, half the pleasure of an icecream in summer is lolling about outside the shop or walking along a pleasant promenade, which is hard to do on a busy strip like the Droop St/Ballarat St corner.  Hello Gelo is a recent addition to Yarraville village which is supremely wonderful for lounging about, particularly on a warm summer night.

Hello Gelo and Queen's Rose 023

The icecream here is handmade, very creamy and ranges from the classics to curiosities such as chestnut (made with real chestnut puree and marron glace pieces) and pear & Pernod.  A kids' cone, which is ample even for an adult, is a mere $2.50 or $3 for two flavours.  Take-home packs may be made up, too.

Hello Gelo and Queen's Rose 042

I tried to interest the kids in blood orange or black forest cake, but they just wanted chocolate and bubblegum.  Some things never change.

Thanks Kenny for the tip!

Hello Gelo on Urbanspoon
15 Anderson Street, Yarraville (map)
Phone: 9078 5696
Hours:  Mon-Wed 11am-8.30pm, Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri & Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm (but variable depending on the weather)

Wheelchair Accessibility
Entry:  Level.
Layout:  Inaccessible upstairs seating but can sit on the street


  1. I like the bubblegum. Does that make me a big kid then?

  2. Gorgeous photo!! How I long for real chestnut gelato/ice cream... clearly I need to visit my brother again in Melbourne so I can get to this place soon :)

  3. "Footscray and surrounds has been somewhat devoid of a good icecream parlour (...) half the pleasure of an icecream in summer is lolling about outside the shop or walking along a pleasant promenade"

    You never went to Williamstown? Get on down there. There are at least 3 different spots on Nelson Place, including the grand old favorite 'Ice Cream Shoppe'.
    And you have a nice park, promenade and pier to stroll along.

    That said, its good to have a local (to me in Y'ville) to go to.

    Next stop... Hello Gelo!

  4. Belated thanks for your comments! TKYCraig you are so right. I remember going to that 1,000 flavours ice-cream shop in Williamstown as a kid. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice for the rest of summer and we will get down for a stroll and a drippy ice-cream cone.

  5. Williamstown is a decent distance from Footscray. Love the proximity of Hello Gello. Last week they were serving a candied fig gelato made from figs from the owners own back garden.


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