Friday, May 6, 2011

Wok Noodle

Melbourne seems to be going through a Malaysian restaurant explosion!  Flemington is turning into a downright little KL and there are new places popping up in the city all the time.  Bring it on, I say!  Seddon even has its own slice of the Malaysian carrot cake now with Wok Noodle.

April 2011 089
Dumplings, $7.50

"Try the dumplings", insisted one loyal customer, so we did.  Unfortunately these were somewhat overcooked so the pastry had become flaccid.  The filling had decent flavour but I did not like the coarse texture.  They were quite lovingly presented though on nice Japanese-style ceramic with a little garnish.

April 2011 090
Roti with potato curry, $7

This was quite a tasty sauce, thick and rich.  I was a bit spoilt after Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam's unreal homemade roti and superb curries though, I have to say.  The roti was a little doughy but quite nice.

April 2011 092
Hainan chicken rice, $11.50

We were very excited to learn that this house special which is normally on weekends only was available, apparently due to a large dinner the previous night.  Although the rice was tasty with rich ginger and chicken flavour, the chicken itself was somewhat lacking.

April 2011 091
Char hor fun, $10.50

I have been so curious about this dish - lots and lots of really thick, lightly-coloured gravy on noodles.  See the wonderful 3 Hungry Tummies for a recipe.  This did have great flavour - tasty gravy, very thick but not gluey, with very, very fresh seafood and vegies.  The wide rice noodles underneath though were really soggy - I would have expected them to still have some bite?  Nevertheless I am new to this dish and not sure of the most authentic cooking method.

April 2011 093

I so wanted to love Wok Noodle - it's close by and the proprietors are very personable.  The thing is, everything is presented with care and flourish, the place is spic and span, the tables are set with flair and it is obvious that they really care about their food.  It just didn't hit the spot for me.  Perhaps I'm missing something, ordered badly or it was an off night.  Have you been here?  What do you think?

Wok Noodle
1/92 Charles Street, Seddon (map)
Phone:  9689 9882
Hours:  Tues-Fri 10:30 am-10pm, Sat & Sun 11am-10pm, closed Mon

Wheelchair Access
Call to confirm (street seating available)


  1. Hey Lauren, nice looking dishes, there's something about roti that makes me hungry upon seeing one!

    The hai nam chicken looks yum, some don't like it with bones, but I don't really mind.

    Hope you've been well!

  2. Oh how disappointing! I love Malay cuisine and was looking forward to checking this one out. I may still have to bite the bullet, as you say, they might have just had an off day.

  3. Agreed...Their ambition seems to be greater than the quality of the product at the moment. Its local, but I pass over this place for the Flemington/Newmarket options every time.

    Hopefully they can pull it together this year, as the more Malay/Singaporean in the area the better...

  4. I agree that the food isn't quite there yet, but that the service and presentation is great.

    We tried the laksa (too sweet, very mild) and the Hokkien Mee (lacking wok hei) and haven't really been compelled to go back, seeing as it's only marginally closer than Flemington.

    A little tip, though - when I let the owner know that the laksa was too mild, he said he was 'catering for local tastes' and I should ask for some real heat next time!

  5. "Catering for local tastes"...maybe...most of the people in the shop don't appear to be hardcore hawker foodie types ;). Perhaps there is the rub.

    But if the owner looked around the area, it seems that the more authentic venues are doing just fine.

    This seems to be one of those places that is more interested in presentation than quality.

  6. Oh Ms Baklover, why do I always look at your blog at 11:00 in the morning when I'm starrrrrving?

  7. When i look at those dumplings i immediate got the taste of sesame oil in my mouth :)

  8. I was very happy to see a Malaysian Restaurant in the heart of Seddon.

    However like you I found the food disappointing, it lacked the flavour i had anticipated. The Laksa lacked the spiciness and fresh herbs.
    The service was good but I would not rush back to this eatery. Not a patch on the many Viet eateries in Footscray or the Malaysian in Kensington.

  9. Thanks for the tip - was tempted after our feast in Kensington but it looks like we will just have to head back to Chillipadi which was SUPERB!!


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