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Tim & Jane - coffee, chocolate and tea in Footscray

Anyone else went to the Royal Hotel before it got redeveloped?  We did - only once, as we were knees deep in nappies and and sleepless nights at that stage, but we had a damn fine meal of proper, old-school pub grub.  I was a bit sad when I saw it being gutted and turned into retail shops.


But what's done is done, and the new spaces have provided a springboard for keen small businesses to put down roots in Footscray.  Among them is Tim & Jane, offering Jasper coffee, iced tea and many tempting treats.  I guess it's far more savoury to take my now school-aged daughter out for a babycino and a chocolate than a glass of Yalumba and a bowl of chips at the Royal!


Tim and Jane is owned by the eponymous Tim and Jane, a couple who saw a need for more cafes in Footscray and graciously obliged.


They have a retail range of chocolates and other sweet treats as well as take-home coffees and teas.  So purty!


Really enjoyed this short black, made with Jasper coffee - no sugar required, which is always the mark of a good espresso.


There's a tempting range of chockies from Poppy's and Fardoulis.


We went for a raspberry ganache frog and a peppermint cream.  Quite nice, although I am more a tangy, devilishly dark chocolate girl rather than a sweet milk chocolate fiend.


I nabbed a taste from a dish on the counter of the dark choc mango above, which was more my style - "yum" indeed!


Chocolate coffee beans from the good ole Chocolate Box - both my vices in one tasty crunch!


Jane, the owner, is originally from Vietnam and is really into herbal teas.  There's a big range here including an energy blend, Siberian ginseng, and dandelion leaf to reduce bloating and purify the blood.  There's a handy tip sheet provided or stop by on the weekends when Jane is there to chat about what might suit you - I'm definitely looking forward to browsing this range some more!


And if "Daintree and chamomile" or vanilla chai isn't your style, there's also a handy range of Jasper coffee for your 7am heartstarter.

Tim & Jane have just started doing a small range of takeaway sushi packs and Peking duck crepes (made offsite) and pending council approval they have plans to do a small range of hot food including my all-time favourite, Vietnamese mini coconut pancakes (that's what my Facebook "cover" is in case you ever wondered!)  As the weather warms up, it will be a treat to sit under the brollies with an iced tea, and best of all they're open till a very grown-up, VERY welcome 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays!

Big thanks to Simon via Facebook for the tip!

Tim & Jane (Facebook/Twitter)
Shop 6, 158 Barkly Street, Footscray (old Royal Hotel, Droop St side)
Hours:  Mon-Thurs 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 10am-4pm


  1. The Royal was a huge loss to Footscray and, besides this cafe, it's been replaced by yet more beauty salons, real estate agents and the like. Tim and Jane's is not really my cup of tea (pun intended) but at least it's unique in Footscray and the owners seem to be passionate about their business.

    As for the Royal, it was a relatively civilsed place to go for a drink and the fat, juicy parmas were up there with the best in Melbourne. There was a good trivia night once a fortnight or so and a a dozen TV screens for sport lovers, although it wasn't dominated by the TVs due to the size of the pub. There was also a beer garden of sorts - the roof in the back section could be opened up on warm days. A wide cross section of Footscray could be found there at any time, and i never saw any trouble when I was there.

    Apparently, up to around 10 years ago it was quite a rough old boozer. Sadly, a barman was killed breaking up a bar fight between two middle aged drunks wielding pool cues and sometime after it was renovated. Those were the days when Footscray was somewhat more seedier than today, to put it lightly!

    1. Anon, I definitely see where you're coming from. Loved the old Royal stories!

      I must say I do like the new beauty salon, Forever Young. It's a step up from the bit down n' out other salons in Footscray central - they actually make an eyebrow wax feel like a bit of a spa experience with lovely music and treatment room. It's owned by a fellow kindy mum, Anna, who is really lovely.

  2. Great to have another place that's open later - somewhere you can meet friends before going for a meal. But also a pity there aren't more pubs in Footscray to fill that niche. I worry sometimes about where all the old blokes who just want a pot of Carlton will end up, with all the pubs being turned into shops or apartments. Anyway, I reckon my mum will love going to Tim and Jane's when she's in town; she struggles with the lack of places for 'coffee and cake' in Footscray.

    1. Yes Jane, I agree. Bit sad for them to have to resort to the Court House or that pokies pub next to Golden Harvest! Hope your mum likes it!

  3. the royal was a loss, particularly because there could still have been a decent sized venue created when it was turned into apartments. But, a cafe with good coffee and tea and fancy chocolates is a good thing! Hope they survive.

  4. Good to see a nice coffee, chocolate and tea shop at Foorscray. I could smell the delicious smell from far away...

  5. Another option for Banh Khot is always welcomed!
    I still head out to Braybrook regularly to get my fix.

    1. Banh khot is food of the gods. I did find a good version in Richmond, Andy, at T'relek - also delicious coleslaw and dry-fried beef noodles. A good option next time you're in Richmond!

  6. Tim&Jane Coffee Chocolate TeaNovember 21, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    Tim&Jane Coffee Chocolate Tea is our deep passion to offer something different in Footscray.

    Before having the shop, we used to go to Lygon or Brunswick to have a cup of coffee and enjoy dessert after dinner. Footscray has many restaurants; however we could not find a nice place for dessert after our dinner and of course could not find anywhere that open late on Friday or Saturday night for a cup of tea. This had made us think of something different here; let’s have a coffee and sweets here that open late on weekend, a quiet place where we can enjoy a cup of hot tea, tastes a beautiful handmade choloclate, or enjoy the aroma of Jasper Arabica blend.

    Is there a need? We believe there is and we will bring a different atmosphere to this place, which used to be known as Royal hotel, a new beautiful ambience to make the place never die….and to those who once fell in love with the hotel are not disappointed with a pretty café now.

    Before it is our business, it is our passion to make a beautiful cup of coffee and tea. We enjoy making and serving others the best we can. Every cup of drink we make is our joy to share to others and wish them well. A little sweet, yes why not bringing the best quality to Footscray, Tim and I have selected our chocolates and tea from the best or known to be one of the best…. and not only to have here but also products are available to buy to take home.
    Tim and I would like to thank our friends and relatives who have supported us in different ways to make my dream come true, a little message, a few line of emails to congratulate us, to encourage us…And now our locals, our customers, Footscray Food Blog have given Tim&Jane Coffee Chocolate Tea some credentials. Your Worth of Mouth has made Tim&Jane café a difference. Since the post was on the blog, our sales have increased. All have made us feel privileged; we now have a little gem in the heart of Footscray. Our success will not be there without your support.

    All the best,


    Jane from

    Tim&Jane Coffee Chocolate Tea


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