Friday, November 29, 2013

Wild Horse Cafe - coffee for The Westies!


Remember this picture from Tuesday?

wild horse
Photo by Coffee Supreme Melbourne

Well, with the power of social media, we have sorted coffee for The Westies - and not only that, we reckon we've tipped a winner!  The fantastic Christine and Kat from Wild Horse Cafe will be chomping at the bit tomorrow to serve you beautiful brews made with Coffee Supreme beans and Jonesy's Milk, all from the window of a 1964 vintage caravan!  And for you coffee nerds out there, the machine is a La Marzocco, which is Italian for "great espresso, guaranteed".


Check out FFB's last post here for all the details of the other fantastic food trucks who'll be in attendance.  We are also delighted to have Mayor Grant Miles introducing the 2013 Westies.  And there may be a banjo playing.  (If you'd like it to be duelling - bring your own and play along!)

We can't wait to see you tomorrow...  Those details for the lucky last time:

WHERE:  Yarraville Gardens (cnr Somerville Rd and Hyde St - we'll be nearer to Somerville Rd)
DATE:  Saturday 30 November (tomorrow!)
TIME:  Picnic starts at 11am; winners announced at noon.

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