Friday, October 10, 2014

501 Receptions, Footscray


Have you ever wondered exactly what "a touch of class" could be?


I have walked past 501 Receptions maybe 1000 times in the years I've lived here, but I've never been inside.  That is...


Would you like to join me?


Well, are you?


The occasion was one of Women of the West's regular "Ladies' Nights".  WOW is two local women who put on great evenings for local lasses, as both a way to let your hair down AND raise money for local not-for-profit organisations.  This night's dosh went to Women's Health West in Barkly St, Footscray, who work promoting women's health and offer services to those experiencing family violence.


This is very commendable.  But I can't help it - I couldn't stop nerding out about finally being inside the big 501.  It really is a working reception place!


Our $70 ticket bought us unlimited booze, entertainment and three courses of fine 501 fare.


Some antipasti (which were fine)...


...followed by some hoopla...


...and then the main event!  Sue me, but I thought this was actually pretty yummy!  I'm a sucker for a roast of the day.


Here we are mid-shimmy.  Really fun, daggy disco dancing with "Cathy's Crazed Institute of Disco".  I loved that 90% of people got up on the dance floor!


Things were a bit hazy by this point, but loved the cupcakes from Cupcakes by Paolo, and I do love a good Lindor Ball.


Well done to organisers Michelle and Sarah, who looked amazing in matching lace bodysuits and made putting on a big event look easy.  The night embodied what I love about my fellow women of the west - we're generous, gregarious, and don't take ourselves too seriously.  And as for 501 Receptions - I can honestly say that it does indeed have a touch of class!

Check out Women of the West's Facebook page to stay up to date with future events.  I have just discovered that 501 Receptions has a website, which you can check out right here!  Also, Women of the West have a new event happening soon - deets below.  I'm not associated with these guys - I just like what they're doing!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful event but I think you just lost your foodie cred LOL

  2. Oh man, gotta put my hand up here and say I've been to many a wedding reception or dinner dance at the 501. I was a kid though :)

    1. How funny! When I was at the dinner, when I was in full nerd-out mode about finally being inside, a friend and tablemate said, "Oh, I've been to so many family dinners here!" I was shocked - for years, I had assumed 501 was abandoned!

  3. ZOMG I had to run back here and comment again because the other day I was thinking about 501 and this song came in to my head, "501... 501..." and then I remembered they had a tv ad!!! All it said was "501... 501". HAR HAR!

    1. CLASSIC - oh my God, I so want to see that! I tried YouTube but no dice!


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