Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Plume, Maribyrnong

I find midweek yum cha so deliciously naughty.  It's like an afternoon nap, or a bath before noon.


Plume, just outside the Highpoint shopping complex, do yum cha daily.


Things started off well with really good ham sui gok.  Very delicate fried skin gave way to soft glutinous rice dough, with a sweet pork and mushroom filling.


But Plume had peaked too early.  All the dumplings were just all right.  The siu mai (prawn and pork were OK, very chunky, perhaps too much so.  The har gao (prawn) and prawn and chive were mushy.


Didn't like the char siu bao - the pork and sauce had an odd, overly floral taste.


Ordered these prawn rice rolls which were soggy and just looked like they had no love in them.


We didn't have dessert.  I didn't have high hopes.  And that is what the fish are for, anyway.


  1. Thanks again for another review :) To be honest, Plume Maribyrnong is pricy and uninspiring. Feels like dim sum in Melbourne has been flat since GFC. What's happened?

    1. Mon plaisir Daniel! I went to Plume a couple of times 3+ years ago but since discovering Gold Leaf, never went back. I guess I haven't been missing out ;)

      That is very interesting about yum cha being flat since the GFC. I normally go to Gold Leaf Sunshine which is always great, but recently went to Tao Tao House and Golden Dragon Palace, and both were so terribly average.


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