Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shelf Gleaning - Yummie

So I had the idea for Shelf Gleaning a while back - a new section in which I "demystify" ingredients I bought in Footscray (but that you too could buy from your local multicultural grocer) and show you what to do with them. Twice I cooked the same chana dal with fenugreek leaves, and twice I was thwarted in taking a pic of the finished dish by arsenic hour. Man - kids and elegant, food-bloggy photography just do not meld. So I present to you, the harried parent's guide to dinner, gleaned from the freezer of Yummie dumpling shop.

Yummie is lined with freezers stuffed with all manner of house-made dumplings and bao (steamed buns). There are also frozen sticky rice in lotus leaf. It's like your own personal take-home yum cha trolley. Behind the counter, the staff are deftly filling and pleating their wares. I was overwhelmed with choices, so I picked a mixed pack, which was $8 for 10 little treasure chests.

The assistant was very friendly and advised me to steam the dumplings from frozen for 15 minutes. They also sell a small selection of dumplings fresh (i.e. not frozen).

May I say, these dumplings are AWESOME. They all taste very distinct, and it is obvious that the ingredients are quality and that they are prepared with care. I wish I was more knowledgeable about the different names, but I did recognise har gow and the fat white Beijing style ones. We had them with a little dipping sauce of half light soy, half malt vinegar, and a simple bowl of egg noodles and vegies.

If I had my way, I would go to yum cha every Sunday. As we suffer from arsenic morning as much as arsenic hour, that is just not possible, so Yummie is going to be my ticket to dumpling dreaming.

Yummie, Leeds St, Footscray (between Golden Harvest and Pho Tam, on your right heading up from Hopkins)


  1. Oh, yum, these sound great. I've also discovered that Camy Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant in the city (Tattersalls Lane) have frozen dumplings to take away. Tasty too!


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