Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dinh Son Quan

I really love my beauty salon.  No herbal tea, mood lighting or lifestyle questionnaire here - just line up in the dingy corridor and, when prompted by the little lady in a floor-length plastic apron, tell her (and everyone else waiting) what you want waxed.  Seriously though, their prices and efficiency leave me enough time and money to try a new Footscray treat afterward.  And what better companion, when dining alone, are sexy eyebrows?

The last rays of summer steered me towards a subtropical treat - banh xeo at Dinh Son Quan.

When I sat down, I was given a menu, but luckily I had the hot tip that the corkboard menu underneath the colossus above was the way to go.  Upon choosing banh xeo - coconut/rice flour crêpe filled with prawns, pork and vegies - the waitress exclaimed, "Oh!  Big one for you!"  Erm - at least my eyebrows are skinny!

Banh xeo, $10

This was one of the best (and biggest) banh xeo I've had.  It's absolutely enormous and stuffed with small yet juicy prawns, fatty pork belly, bean sprouts and onions.  You take pieces and wrap them in the accompanying forest of mustard greens, butter lettuce, and your choice of herb, be it common or Vietnamese mint, or purple, aniseed-y perilla.  These little parcels are then dipped in sweet and tangy seasoned fish sauce.  Yum!

I'm looking forward to trying the other dishes on Dinh Son Quan's corkboard, from bo kho (Vietnamese stewed beef) to bun rieu.  I love places that don't have huge menus, but just a few dishes that are their specialties.  I can't say the same for the beauty salon - who knew so many places on a body could be waxed?!

Dinh Son Quan (map)
Cnr Byron & Nicholson Sts, Footscray
Tel: (03) 9689 3066
Hours: 9am - 9pm, 7 days

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  1. Hey, I'm making bo kho for pot luck (and balut-eating) lunch on May 2nd. It's in Fairfield - wanna come? You can email me at for details. It's Vietnamese themed pot luck.

  2. Oh, fun!! I would love to! I will email you. Maybe I will get off my expanding butt and sign up for Twitter.

  3. Hi!

    I'm curious about the beauty salon, can you tell me where it is? I really need get my eyebrows waxed :)


    PS You have a great blog, I've already visited some of the places you suggest and they are good indeed.

    Keep up and keep eating :)

  4. Hi Kadri, for sure! It's Tuyet Phong Phuong Mai, in Nicholson St, between Paisley & Irving. If you search the blog for Indi Hots, there's a link on that post.

    Thanks for the compliment too, btw! Is there somewhere you love I don't know about yet?

    I will keep eating... no worries there! ;)

  5. Hi. I'm actually looking for a place to do my eyebrows too, cos my regular is quite a distance away. I'm a bit apprehensive about trying a new place though, in fear that they'd wax until there's only a thin line left!

    Do they give you the natural look and a good arch here? Have you been going to this place for some time? TIA! :)


  6. Hi Sarah! TBH my eyebrows have been the same shape for so long that the salon basically have no choice but to follow my line, as the constantly-removed hairs have pretty much given up, IYKWIM? I have been going to them for a few months now, and they were recommended by my friend who has been going there for, like, 15 years. She has always been happy with them and she is a natural kinda girl too. If you explain what you want, I'm sure they won't disappoint. Ms B x

  7. Hi Lauren, I love the food at Dinh Son but please try the Banh Xeo over at Thien An....I prefer it there.....nice and crispy, very fresh! (I don't work for them btw lol)

  8. Anon, someone else told me the same thing recently so I think you are onto a winner. Will be sure to check it out soon!


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