Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guest Post - Phu Vinh 2

Here in Chicago, I am busy gorging myself on fresh corn tortillas, American bacon, and Junior Mints (don't worry, not all in the same meal).  In my absence, fellow blogger Deb has very kindly sent in a guest review for Phu Vinh in Hopkins St.  Deb's blog, Bear Head Soup, is a choice menu of tasty and thoughtful bites which reflect her love of all things food.  Do check it out, and enjoy her review and photos of Phu Vinh!

Phu Vinh forms part of the Footscray Market complex.

The menu isn't overly huge.  I settled on 'special wonton soup with rice noodles' (hu tieu hoanh thanh)

They have bowls of food at $7 for children, $9 for a regular bowl and $10 for a large bowl.

The soup was one of the best bowls I've had in a very long time.

My soup had a 'lid', a crispy prawn cracker.  When I lifted the lid, there was a boiled quail egg, a prawn and some calamari.  The prawn and calamari were soft and not overcooked.  The soup contained some sliced pork, four pork wontons with lush pastry and some rice noodles.  It was garnished with some garlic chives and fresh coriander.  There were fried shallots on top.  As I slurped my way through the soup, what I thought were fried shallots turned out to be small squares of pork crackling!  Delicious.  There were fried shallots too.

A truly tasty bowl of soup.  I'd been looking at the menu planning my next meal on a return visit.  I went to the counter to pay and mentioned how fantastic their soup was and that I was looking forward to returning to try my things.  They broke my heart.  'We are closing tonight for renovations for two weeks'.  Nooooooooo.  I know about renovations, I know when people say two weeks.  Oh well.  I wait patiently for their renos to be complete.

Deb, thank you so much for the tasty review!  I am a big fan of Phu Vinh's soups.  Whenever I go there, it seems to be full of 'regulars' who confidently order their favourites, and for good reason.  A revamped Phu Vinh, the new Korean BBQ place opening up soon, and the upcoming redevelopments of the Royal Hotel and Forges - there are lots of exciting things happening in our neck of the woods!

I do have a few Footscray reviews saved up, but in my absence, if you would be so kind to consider contributing a review or even a recipe featuring an interesting, locally-obtainable ingredient, I would be so grateful.  It has warmed my cockles to hear from Eileen, Phil, and Deb who have so kindly responded to my call for help while I am away.  Email footscrayfoodblog@gmail.com.  Photos optional but encouraged.  In return, I will share my Junior Mints with you... oh... does one count as sharing?

Phu Vinh the noodle shop on Urbanspoon
Phu Vinh

93 Hopkins St, Footscray (map)
Phone: 9689 8719
Hours: 9.00am - 9.00pm, 7 days


  1. Hi Ms B, I hadn't realised you'd been to Phu Vinh so recently. I was trying to find places you either hadn't been to or been recently. Sorry about that. Interesting to see what it will be like post reno. Enjoy your American bacon...yum!

  2. Hi Deb, that is OK! I might have been a bit harsh with Phu Vinh's use of sweet chilli sauce in my last review, so their fantastic soup deserves a review all of its own. I wonder what they are going to do with the reno - it's such a small space, and to me, it looks fairly modern and new already. Perhaps it's to do with the kitchen. The American bacon is soooo gooooood. We just got some from the farmers' market - amazing!

  3. I am looking forward to a good BLT when I am in LA after tomorrow! And I am overdue for a Phu Vinh visit, so I hope the renos are done soon!

  4. Yeah their wonton soup is lovely, quail egg and all. We didn't know they were closed for renovation and went there on the weekend, ended up trying Sekai instead.

  5. Our normal routine is to have breakfast on Saturdays at Phu Vinh so we were thrown a huge curved ball when we found it closed for renos. We went to Sapa Hills and can recommend the wonton soup- terrific broth and lots of slices of delicious pork. cheers Melissa

  6. Kurichan & Wills, I had thought I replied, but Blogger must have eaten the comment.

    Kurichan, have fun in LA!!

    Wills, hope Sekai was a good substitute.

    melissa, props to you for having wonton soup for breakfast!! I am impressed. I really like Sapa Hills - have meant to go back, but the blog makes me constantly seek out the new. Not always a good thing.

  7. hi all
    i've just been to phu vinh, the reno is finish it looks great... super nice..
    you must go to try out there new menu...

    but the soup is still the best...

  8. Yes it has reopened, we got a welcoming smile from the kitchen through the new window which reassured us that all would be well. No tissue box on the table but the pho and spring rolls were just as good as before. Hooray. Cheers Melissa

  9. Hi Anon & melissa - ooh, controversy! Someone just left a comment on my original Phu Vinh post saying they were not a fan of the new menu and that the bowls were smaller. Hmm! A return visit is definitely called for!!


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