Friday, February 6, 2009

Chip & Fish Shack

The current weather in Melbourne is like nothing I have ever experienced in my 28 years of living here. Temperatures of 43, 44 even 45 degrees! This weekend the Premier has said to cancel all plans if you can. Er, what about my friend getting married?! A few days ago after a pregnant waddle to Sims and back with both kids in tow I literally could not cook dinner. Chip & Fish Shack in Essex St (bet. Gordon & Eleanor) was there for us and oh my God, it is as good as ever. We never have the flake (mercury/overfished), I usually have whiting while Mr Baklover has Blue Grenadier but we all had whiting today having had BG for lunch. The batter is sensational and the fish inside cooked perfectly. Combined with minimum chips with chicken salt (yes, full of MSG, I know) it is truly the best fish and chips in Melbs. They are even nice enough to tell you if you ask which is the freshest fish that day. I think Wednesday must be a good day to go as they are closed Tues and I assume therefore all the fish is bought on Wednesday, and perhaps again on Fri or Sat.

UPDATE - Chip & Fish Shack is closed! Sob!! Now replaced by Ebi Fine Food which describes itself as Japanese fusion fish & chips. I am keeping an open mind, but lament the loss of a proper, old school fish & chipper.

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