Friday, February 6, 2009

N.B. To try

North East China Family in Flinders La bet. Elizabeth & Queen - dumplings on non-cracked plates (what a revelation)
Seoul House Korean BBQ in Russell St
Pho Tam cnr Ryan & Leeds, Footy (try Hủ tiếu Gả Dòn - chicken soup with fried chicken)
L'Uccellino thin-crust pizza in Yarraville
Yarraville-Footscray bowls club on Francis St nr Roberts - TRIED (NASTY!!!)

And to buy: - BOUGHT (pretty good)


  1. I've tried a couple on this list - N.E. China Famil Dumpling is good, but not amazing. It's probably on par with Chinatown Dumpling on Swanston st. The variety of dumplings is interesting, though.

    Seoul House is always fun, and really reasonably priced. Their lunch sets are great too, although probably not as good value.

    BTW, I'm moving to Footscray in July (hopefully) and it's great to see there's other foodbloggers in the area. Along with Phil and Penny (jeroxie) we'll be able to form up a Westside foodblogger posse soon!

  2. Hi cloudcontrol - thanks for the tips. There's a Korean takeaway that just opened around the corner from me, let's hope it's good. Hope you make it to the Westside!


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