Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pho Hien Vuong Pasteur

Is there a food more versatile than pho?  Supremely refreshing in hot weather yet warming in cold, much beloved for breakfast (or at least brunch), lunch or dinner.  We are spoilt in Footscray with so many fabulous pho options, so much so that the "busiest is the best" rule doesn't strictly apply.

Pho Centro Gurney 005

Hien Vuong Pasteur is right in the Hopkins Street main drag but could easily escape your attention.  It seems rather dark from the outside and is never packed, yet multiple friends have recommended this sleeper cell of pho to me.

Pho Centro Gurney 002

This is one old school pho joint.  Daggy conference centre chairs, tiles, the hall of mirrors and the menu on the wall complete with mismatched stick-on fonts.  I love Hung Vuong's neat and simple stainless steel but there's something comforting about this type of decor - like an old, stretched-out pair of trackies that are the daggiest yet comfiest thing to wear.

Pho Centro Gurney 003

Fabulous pho!  Some bowls tip the scales towards the aromatics, the scent of star anise or cassia predominating.  Here, the rich, almost caramel beef flavour took centre stage.  The meat was of excellent quality, arriving just pink and quickly transmogrifying to brown in the hot soup.  The broth was simple yet deep in flavour and quite divine.  When you can't handle the crush at Hung Vuong, Hien Vuong Pasteur will surely satisfy.

Hien Vuong (Pasteur) on Urbanspoon

Hien Vuong Pasteur
146 Hopkins Street, Footscray (map)
  9687 9698
Hours:  7 days 

Not wheelchair accessible


  1. Sitting here in the cold at my desk, and that looks so nice and warm... yumm!

  2. I've been here twice... it's my friend Wendy's favourite Pho place. I agree, it's pretty decent pho. :)

  3. NOOOOO!! Don't tell the hordes about my local! Now I'll have to queue for a seat! ;)

    But seriously, glad you liked it. It's my go-to, when I can't be bothered walking that extra block and a half to Pho Tam. Which is actually surprisingly often!

  4. Looking delicious on this depressing, cold and grey day.

  5. Yum! I'll have to give it a try next time I'm in Melbourne...

  6. I often cross town just to try this Pho, hardly ever full. Lucky us.

  7. That place isn't too bad at all. There is one across from westpac that I didn't mind.

  8. This is my favourite spot for Pho in Footscray, though I think I might be discovering some new spots as I dig further in to your blog :)

  9. Belated thanks - this place has such an undercurrent of secret love - even other friends who came up to me that week and said, "You know that is my favourite pho place of all time?!"

    Hi Tresna! Congrats on the interview and the new venture - sounds so fantastic and so Melbourne. Love it.

  10. Thaks for the tip Lauren. Great spot, space for the pram too. Only problem is no BBQ chicken pho (my fave)... still good enough though!

    1. Ooh love BBQ chicken on rice with the token piece of tomato and cuc. Yummo. Glad you like it Craig!


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