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American-style sandwiches at New York Minute

new york min

A "New York minute" was explained to me as the time it takes for a New York cabbie to start honking his horn after the light turns green - as in, a millisecond!


New York Minute is a new cafe in Moonee Ponds doing cafe fare as well as three American-style sangers - pulled pork, brisket and Philly cheesesteak.

As someone married to an American, I am loving Melbourne's awakening in regard to American food.  Instead of lazy jokes about American cuisine being McDonald's, Melburnians are now increasingly savvy to and appreciative of American regional fare in all its full-flavoured, all-beef glory.

Pulled pork sandwich, $8

Pulled pork is a whole pork piece (often shoulder) slow cooked, perhaps in a very slow oven or 'Q, before being shredded, tossed with BBQ sauce and slapped on a cheap white bun with loads of creamy 'slaw.  I wasn't prepared for how delish New York Minute's version was.  True, the BBQ sauce was a bit one dimensional, being very sweet, and there wasn't nearly enough coleslaw, but gosh golly gee I enjoyed every bite.


Pulled pork is not hard to make at home.  It's not uncommon for people passionate about BBQ to make their own sauce, layering ketchup with brown sugar, vinegar and plenty of spice - there is a myriad of recipes online.  My favourite sauce for pulled pork, though, is a regional variation from North Carolina that's just apple cider vinegar, chilli flakes and black pepper.  With the rich meat and luscious, mayo-slicked slaw, it's a taste sensation.

Philly cheesesteak, $8

I have had a Philly cheesesteak - once.  I ate it in Philadelphia, and it was a gut-wrangling combo of sliced steak and craploads of melted orange cheese on a long white roll.  This cheesesteak didn't resemble that hometown version, and I have to say it was a huge improvement.  Tender, hot sliced steak, richly flavoured, with just a little melted cheese was delicious.

Brisket, $8 plus chips

Kenny was less enamoured by of his brisket sandwich.  It was served cold with a kind of relish.  Brisket is one form of American BBQ I'm not familiar with - it's big in Texas, which I've yet to visit.

Large chips, $5.50

Loved these chunky steak fries so much we had to order another bowl.  Perfectly crisp with seasoned salt.


Who would have thought this cafe in such a fly-over strip would yield such yumminess?  Western Melbourne, until our councils let the food trucks in and until the food trucks deign to come here, you can get your 'Q fix at New York Minute.

Thank you Kenny of Consider the Sauce for the tip, and lovely to meet Nat Stockley of Urbanspoon!

New York Minute on Urbanspoon

New York Minute
491 Mount Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds
Phone:  9043 1838

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  1. Sounds great! I'll make my way there this weekend.

  2. Pulled pork please! Saturday lunch has been planned!
    Thanx for a tip Lauren :)

  3. Replies
    1. Oh Ian, your comment made me smile. That's the essence of it! :-)

  4. Mmmmm pulled pork! My mum makes that at home all the time, I had no idea it is so popular and trendy!!! Mum also makes pulled beef. We scatter it on our congee or make sandwiches for lunch. Totally had no idea that westerners ate it too!!!!! (We are Vietnamese background).

  5. Ok! I absolutely must try this place. My dad makes the BEST bbq beef brisket (a skill he has so thoughtfully taught my husband - yay!), and sometimes I really crave that taste of home. You know I appreciate your openness about American cuisine, as well. It really isn't just McDonald's and KFC! :)

    1. Oh, yum!! I would love to try that!

      In the past in Australia, there has been such an undercurrent of - well, I don't want to call it racism when you consider what far more disgusting atrocities are committed in the name of racism here, but perhaps we can call it ignorance - against Americans. People going on about "only in America", "dumb Americans", fat, etc etc. Strangely, when I married one, all that lazy "humour" dried up in my presence! So I am so, so happy now that people are "getting" the huge spectrum of American culture. Food is one thing, but we have been listening to This American Life for ages, and I was staggered to see the huge turnout of Australians at a live show of TAL right here in Melbourne recently. Finally, I thought, people are getting that not all Americans are dumb, trigger-happy racists!

  6. oooh that cheese steak ! Looks delicious. Yes I too was scarred quite badly by a philly cheese steak sandwich in the states. I still shudder thinking about the awful plastic 'cheese' that leaves a film in your mouth. Blergh!

    1. I CANNOT eat American orange cheese - just can't do it. I have to go buy my own block of expensive yellow cheese from Whole Foods whenever I am there. The kids actually call it "Dad's gross orange cheese", although they like it - as in "Dad, can you make us eggs with your gross orange cheese?"

  7. OK I think I have room for another pulled pork sandwhich ... although that Philly thingamajig looks like the shizz!!! Can't wait to check it out! (good seeing you the other day even though it was for just a New York Minute ... see what i did there? .... Bam!)

  8. Enamoured OF, not BY. Pet hate.

  9. Can testify to the excellence of the pulled pork sandwich as of about an hour ago. Only after we had these delicacies in front of us did the chef tell us that he had perfected his beef brisket sandwich after several months of experimentation! No regrets, just another reason to go back and give that brisket a try. Well worth the visit.

  10. Wow I've been craving Philly cheesesteak forever! Thanks for this post. I'm quite close to Moonee Ponds too, so that's a winner! :)

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply Christine... I hope you like it! I had a Philly cheesesteak at Badger v Hawk in the city recently, gosh golly darn it was delicious. Great filter coffee too!


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