Thursday, August 9, 2012

CafeSmart 2012, plus Sourdough's new breakfast menu

I love living in the west, from being able to eat around the world in a day, to having awesome coffee, injera and cheese kranskies right at my fingertips (perhaps not all at the same meal, though!)  However, it's important to remember that as cafes and gourmet supermarkets rise, other parts of our community remain static.  The Star recently reported that Braybrook - right next to edgy cool WeFo - is the second most disadvantaged area in all of Victoria.  The Leader reports that Braybrook grade 2 kids' reading levels are the third lowest in the entire state.

So what can we do?  One way is to get involved is CafeSmart, a new project by StreetSmart.  When you buy a coffee tomorrow from a participating western suburbs business, 100% of $1 out of that coffee will be put into a fund.  When the campaign's over, local organisations will be able to apply for grants out of that fund.  In the past, through CafeSmart and DineSmart StreetSmart has channelled funds to the Iramoo Youth Refuge in Footscray, Flat Out in Flemington (supporting women upon release from prison), and the Multicultural Sudanese Centre, also in Flemington.

So let me twist your arm - go on, sigh a big heavy-hearted sigh and force yourself to buy a coffee from any one of these fabulous western/NW suburbs participating businesses.  I know I will be doing my civic duty!

*  Sourdough Kitchen
*  Common Galaxia
*  West 48
*  Footscray Milking Station
*  Petitou
*  Reverence Coffee and Tea
*  STREAT Flemington (formerly Social Roasting Company)
*  Luncheonette


Thanks very much to Kate from Sourdough Kitchen who got in touch to spread the word about CafeSmart.  While we're here, let's talk about SK.  There've been some changes here, from new staff, new bread lines (like beetroot and hazelnut) and a brand new cooked breakfast menu.  I'm digging the natty blue aprons!


It was so busy here on a Saturday morning, and I can see how the staff have to juggle a line of customers wanting a loaf of bread plus a full house of eat-in patrons.  They did a great job this morning.


Coffee is by Genovese with that old-school, pleasantly bitter espresso edge.


Sourdough have not gone too crazy with their breakfasts, evidently preferring to keep it simple and reply on good quality produce to do the talking.  Bryan relished this simple combo of maple-glazed bacon, spinach, mushroom and perfect eggs.


I covet Sourdough's pumpkin bread - so sweet and moreish.  Here it came layered with premium Meredith goats' feta, poached eggs and avocado with a squeeze of lime.  Simple yet simply delish.


Everything that Sourdough Kitchen make is sourdough - right down to the buttery French pastries.  This makes them tangy and slightly heavier than their yeast-raised counterparts.  I know some people don't dig this, but as a sourdough nut, I love them!  Try the croissant with tangy plum jam...


...or an innocent fruit bun...

$5.20 (dairy free!)

...or the big berry scroll bursting with raspberries and melty dark chocolate!

But most of all, buy a coffee from a CafeSmart participant tomorrow.  You might think it's a drop in the ocean, but many drops make a drought-quenching rainstorm.

Sourdough Kitchen
172 Victoria Street, Seddon

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  1. Thanks for the notes about the new breakfast menu, I was wondering when we can stop by for something more substantial... however I have often dropped by on the way to work for a coffee and those freaking awesome fruit buns... I was told that a couple of the buns are vegan friendly as well (my colleagues always miss out on sweetie things)!!!

    And Lauren - great article in the paper on Tuesday... good twitter chatter (lots of curiosity from northerners as well!) and YAY for the growing western foodville.

    1. Yay indeed Veronica! Sorry for my delayed response to your lovely comment. Yep, I reckon lots of the baked goodies there are vegan friendly and I always say sourdough = healthy, therefore sourdough croissant = healthy. Yes?!?! ;-)

  2. This is such a great initiative and these guys have my full support. I love community programmes like these. And it's a sad but very real statistics about Braybrook. Braybrook is quite personal to me because last time I was there was to help build a community garden at the Braybrooks Disability Centre. I'd love to drop by one of these joints to do what I can!

    1. Aw, go you!! Let me know when you're in the west next, I'd love to catch up! x

  3. great article in epicure,enjoy your blog heaps !

  4. I am in love with SK's Sausage rolls. My westy pals and I have declared them the best sausage rolls in the world.

    1. I heartily concur! And now they have two different sorts, plus optional salad! (Following on from my earlier deduction - salad = healthy, so sausage roll and salad = healthy!!)

    2. And if you eat in, the sausage rolls are served not only with a salad, but this relish which is AMAZING! The first time I had it, they gave me a small jar of the relish. It landed on my table full. It left my table, empty. Hmm. Next time I ordered a sausage roll, I think they might have recognised me (drats) and were smart enough to give me a (still quite reasonable) serve of the relish. Next time, I'm walking in with sunglasses and ordering RELISH ONLY! Yummo in my tummo!

    3. Ooh yes I know that relish well! Don't worry, other people have asked me, "Do you think I'm supposed to eat the whole jar of relish?" so you're not alone!


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