Monday, February 3, 2014

FFB independent tour #2 - Footscray Fresh Food Ramble


So...  My very first independent tour happened a couple of weeks ago and was a ripsnorter!  Here's what Brett and Jenny of West Footscray had to say:

The Footscray Streetwise snacks tour was great fun. We tried dishes from all over the globe; Somalia, Vietnam, Macedonia and Turkey!

The tour is such a great way to explore the many hidden treasures of Footscray. Lauren took us to all the best spots and gave us plenty of tips on what to keep an eye out for. She could even tell us the ingredients of each dish and explain how they were cooked.

A must for any worldly foodie (and those of us wannabes). You certainly won't be left hungry! So much food!

The next Streetwise Snacks tour will not happen until after the Food and Wine fest but I have one last tour happening before I go into total festival lockdown...


This Wednesday at 11am, come on a Fresh Food Ramble with me and discover the electric, eclectic tastes of multicultural Footscray through its two amazing fresh food markets and surrounds. Discover everything from "fish mint" to sugarcane juice to just-shucked oysters.


Do you find the markets a touch intimidating? Or do you want to know where the go-to spots are? Meet the traders and get my insider tips on where to shop and what to buy - like where to get this ridiculously fresh Aussie salmon, filleted to order, for $16 a kilo!


The Footscray Fresh Food Ramble was scheduled to coincide with Footscray Community Arts Centre's 'Spectres of Evaluation' conference, and after a period of being open only to conference attendees, is now being opened up for public bookings.


The tour goes for a minimum of one hour, includes drinks and generous samples, and costs $40 (plus 30-cent booking fee). It is limited to 10 people, making it a lovely smaller group, and includes drinks and generous samples. Babes in arms are welcome on this tour, the only restriction being they must be in a carrier (eg, Baby Bjorn or Ergo) versus a pram. Of course it's fine to have a pram in the market normally, but it's just a bit tricky if there's a flotilla of ten at once!


Browsing Prahran Market last week, I was struck by how good we've got it in the west - and the Sun chose to publish my tweet in this weekend's paper!  Our markets really are the heartbeat of the 'scray. Let me show you around - book right here!

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