Friday, February 7, 2014

Rickshaw Run volunteers wanted!

The Rickshaw Run, Footscray's signature Food and Wine Festival event, is almost upon us.  All but three lonely tickets have been sold out of 328.  We're greasing the rickshaw wheels and sharpening our oyster knives - but there's one thing missing...


A critical part of delivering this event is people power.  The Rickshaw Run was created by the Footscray Traders Association, for the traders of Footscray.  It's a true grass-roots event, and volunteers are a crucial part of making it happen.

Photo by Pier Carthew

I volunteered three times last year.  I always knew I'd have a good time - but I honestly had a great one.  One of my jobs was serving folks at the oyster stand at the start of the run.  When I told one group that we were all vollies, she was quite stunned and said, "People just wouldn't do that where I live".

In the west - WE DO.

Photo by Pier Carthew

There are two types of volunteers required:


You might be required to do any of the following:
*  Take a seat in our cosy marquee and check folks in.
*  Be a "Director of First Impressions" - host folks at their first stop for freshly-shucked oysters, and chat to them about what makes the west great.
*  Serve tropical fruits amid the hustle and bustle of Little Saigon
*  Welcome patrons to each restaurant, and check on their progress.  If they're eating too slowly, offering to eat the rest of their coconut pancake is not encouraged, however.
*  At stations around the course, jobs such as warning pedestrians of approach of rickshaws, or supervising our live music area.

Photo by Pier Carthew


*  Think you've got pulling power?  Test your mettle by pulling a rickshaw.  It is not as hard as it seems - if the dynamic yet tiny Eve below can do it, you can too!


Every volunteer gets a meal after their shift, which is a fun and fantastic way to debrief and meet more fabulous westie folks.  You also get an official Rickshaw Run 2014 T-shirt.  By volunteering, you'll meet your fellow locals, build relationships with traders, develop skills in event management, and get a pass to skip the gym that weekend.  Plus, I will also be your best friend forever.  We're gonna put the 'scray on show - come and be a part of it!

Photo by Pier Carthew

The shifts available are:

Friday 7 March
Dinner - approximately 5pm-9.30pm

Saturday 8 March
Lunch - approximately 11.30am-3.30pm
Afternoon - approximately 2.30-6.30pm
Dinner - approximately 5.30-9.30pm

Sunday 9 March
Lunch - approximately 11.30am-3.30pm
Afternoon - approximately 2.30-6.30pm
Dinner - approximately 5.30-9.15pm

Monday 10 March (Labour Day)
Lunch - approximately 11.30am-4pm

You can definitely do more than one shift, and this would be very welcome.

Please call me on 0438 583 808 to talk about how and when you would like to help.

Even if you can't help but think you can spread this message - whether via your school, community group, workplace or other network - please call me.

You can also email me on


  1. Such a strong sense of community in the West, I love it. And I do see how people in the West are happier because of it!

  2. What a great cause. Have passed it on to a social networking group of internationals/expats!


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