Monday, September 15, 2014

Snow Tree, Footscray

So someone was talking on Twitter about the new frozen yoghurt place opening in Seddon, and someone else directed them to the blog, "...and now it's a fucking froyo place".  Go check it out, but it's basically before-and-after shots of places that were "business X" and are now frozen yoghurt joints.  What rancour! I thought.  Who could get grumpy with frozen yoghurt?  So swirly, sweet and studded with delicious toppings - why, if unicorns poo, they must poo frozen yoghurt.

But seriously, as far as I can gather, the blog "[tracks] New York's downfall" by tracing the closure of diverse small businesses in favour of corporate frozen yoghurt chains.  There may be more frozen yoghurt joints around Melbourne than ever before, but I don't think we're at quite the same level of small biz displacement.

Indeed, Footscray seems to have been a particularly hostile environment for species froyus yoghurtus.  Yogurt House gave it a crack but didn't succeed.  And then came Snow Tree, who did waffles and frozen yoghurt.


I have no idea how successful the sweet offerings were, but for whatever reason, Snow Tree have decided to turn their attention to a new menu of savoury Korean food.


It's not the best location - right next to a noisy bus stop - but inside it's surprisingly quiet and peaceful.  The slightly whimsical, mismatched decor is endearing if a bit odd.


The lunch specials are total bargains.  This bibimbap was $12 and came with three side dishes, salad, miso and Korean chilli sauce.


Bibambap is kinda the equivalent of Korean meat and three - or rather, seven - veg.  The meat n' veg in question are all really simply seasoned with maybe some sesame oil, salt and pepper, and it's served on white rice in a searing-hot stone bowl, which is meant to crisp up the rice around the edges.


This was my meal, but I have such massive food envy of the bibimbap that I have forgotten what it was called.  I think it was only ten dollars, so at least I could revel in my gold coin savings!


As well as miso, side dishes and salad, mine was a "bit of everything" with tempura vegies, crumbed prawn, spring roll, coleslaw, beef stir-fry of sorts and lots of nice rice.


'Twas all good, cheap and satisfying.  A good little option to have in Footscray when you're tired of pho for lunch.  And there was no room for dessert - froyo or otherwise!


Snow Tree
12/119 Hopkins Street (entrance on Leeds St), Footscray


  1. I think it was a wise move for them to switch to savoury ... I think the demographic in this region isn't necessarily confectionary obssessed. (we do love our savoury over sweet ... and as a general rule never the twain should meet). Its always been depressingly quiet everytime I've walked past the joint, which admittedly is not often. And this seems like a very "safe" review ... or am I imagining it? Go on, tell us what you really think! ;)

    1. Oh, you! ;-) "Good, cheap and satisfying" was honestly what I thought. I wouldn't cross town for it or have a special meal out there, but if you fancy Korean and can't be bothered going to West Melbourne or the city, it will hit the spot.

      Yes, agree it was a good move to switch from the sweets.

  2. God that looks good... love all the extra little dishes to add in as you please, too!

    1. Yes, lots of things to sample! The little dishes are technically appetisers, but you could toss them into the mix if you felt like it!

  3. Hey Lauren, great review!
    Would you happen to know what time they're open 'til? Are booking required for dinner?
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi anon! I'm so sorry, I'm not sure. I want to say 8pm but again, I'm really not 100%! I didn't note down the phone number either, dammit. I think you should be OK without a booking at dinner. And if they are closed - plenty of other great restaurants nearby! ;-D

  4. 11a.m. - 9 p.m., Sun - Thurs
    11a.m. - 10 p.m., Fri-Sat

    And no, always pretty quiet in the evenings all week (maybe not so much after Lauren's review) so booking highly unlikely to be required.

    1. Star star superstar MC! Thanks for being my "boots on the ground"! ;-)


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