Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Littlefoot bar - opening this Friday!

What will you be doing this Friday at 4pm?  Herding a snotty gaggle of kids on the way home from school?  Imagining those bubbles popping as you watch the clock creep slowly to knock-off time?  Well, here's what you should be doing - beating down the door of Littlefoot, Footscray's very own bar!


I was so very lucky to get invited to the friends and family sneak peek last Friday night.  Now, a bit of a disclaimer - when the Littlefoot journey first began, I didn't know owners Stu and Liana that well, but since then we ended up working together on the new Footscray Food Guide (more about that later) and have hung out quite a bit socially.  So essentially Littlefoot is my friends' bar.


When I first walked in, my first thought was, "There's the bar - what will I have?"  Then I stopped myself - "No!" I thought.  "You need to savour this moment.  This is momentous."  But the thing is, Littlefoot just feels so natural, kind of like Guerilla did when they opened at Footscray Market.  Not thirty seconds in, I felt completely at home, and like it had always been a part of the 'scray I so dearly adore.


Now, bubbles in hand, let me take you on a little tour.  There's a gorgeous communal or big-group table...


...a back room with tables to spread out (love the wall art)...


...and these super-cute, ever so slightly seedily sexy booths!  I love them!


The opening was a blast with a high-energy gypsy-style band.  There are great beers on tap (including Two Birds' taco beer!) and lots of interesting spirits.


The brand-new chef will not be fully ensconced until two weeks or so, but I LOVED one of his creations - nutella injera "pinwheels" with a coconut dipping sauce.  Seriously, these were amazing.  Liana and Stu have a really genuine desire to celebrate Footscray's existing food cultures, and I believe they're going to do it in a non-gimmicky way.


Littlefoot's door will be open wide from this Friday 30 January at 4pm.  Be nice the first few weeks as the staff get used to everything, and as I mentioned, the chef will not be firing on all cylinders until a couple of weeks in.  Make sure to like their Facebook page to stay up to date with everything little and footy!

223 Barkly St, Footscray
9396 1282


  1. Hi Lauren,
    This looks great. Is it in the old Il Paesano shop front?

    1. Hi anon, yes, it is! I love that they have been able to keep the little chained-off area out the front. Sunset drinking! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. I was in for the preview and it is the best damn thing to happen in Ole Footy in a verrrry long time.

    1. Colum, we probably rubbed shoulders - quite literally as it was packed in there! Do say g'day if you see me in there and I will do the same.


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