Monday, February 2, 2009

Phở Chu The

Despite nabbing a spot right outside my current fave phở shop, Phở Hung Vuong, in the spirit of this blog I decided to take the kids to Phở Chu The, further down Hopkins (aka Barkly) past Cavallaro's. I had heard good things and was impressed upon entry as to A. busyness B. no English menu C. nothing to be had but phở and D. little dish of fresh chopped red & green chillis on table. Ordered a huge Phở Bo for me and the girls. Unfortunately the broth was pretty one-dimensional, but worse than that, the beef was not sliced thinly at all, meaning that it took ages to cook in the hot stock. It also came with sliced (yellow/brown) onions on top which I didn't want. Boo Chu The.

Pho Chu The, 92 Hopkins St, Footscray (opposite market, between Leeds & Moore/Irving)

Pho Chu The on Urbanspoon

A list of places to try:

Rajdhani on Barkly St (UPDATE: currently shut down for renovation)
New Indian place in Nicholson St (UPDATE: I think I meant Kitchen Samrat in Leeds - yummy, will revisit)
Indi Hots in Hopkins St
Madhumoti cnr Irving & Albert
Pho Hien Vuong in Leeds St
Tan Truc Giang (sp?) in Leeds St (UPDATE: YUMMY - will revisit)
Big new Hunanese place in Barkly St
Gold Leaf yum cha in Ballarat Rd Sunshine (UPDATE: yummy yum cha - really good!)

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