Saturday, September 4, 2010

Margie's Candies

Margie's Candies is something of a Chicago legend.  Running at its original location in Bucktown since 1921, it has served up homemade candies and legendary icecream sundaes to (allegedly) Al Capone, the Beatles, and generations of Chicagoans.  Now run by the original proprietor's son, it has opened a second shop on the North Side, which was within walking distance of our pad during our recent "holiday from the holiday" in downtown Chicago.

The sundaes are served in a huge white clamshell and are loaded with ice cream (there is one with 25 scoops) and a cavalcade of whipped cream, nuts, caramel, bananas, cherries, and more.  Our choice came with wafer biscuits and a gravy boat of hot, homemade chocolate fudge sauce.  Look at those fat fingers, hovering in anticipation!

What, you want a critical review?  How could you not absolutely love it?  Even I, who tried to order a Diet Coke and got a quizzically-raised eyebrow, just had to dig in.

I think the fact that my oldest looks like she is about to puke is quite telling.

Margie's Candies (map)
1813 W Montrose
Chicago IL
Also in Bucktown


  1. Now that's got to be a memory your kids will treasure forever! If only you hadn't mentioned "gravy boat", though, because now all I can think of are meat juices infiltrating my future ice cream... :P

  2. ur kids r gorgeous they look like they had alot of fun eating all that icecream i hope they were well behaved and not too hyper from processed american food

  3. I mentioned Diet Coke to my best New Orleans buddy once, and he got so angry - called it "an-tye-American" - that I haven't touched the stuff since.

    Let me guess - the whipped cream on your sundaes came from a can?

  4. Hi all, thank you! Yes of course it came from a can! In the land of precooked, frozen bacon; peeled, hardboiled eggs in a jar; and premade, frozen peanut butter & jam sandwiches, what do you expect?!?!


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