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Can you believe that only as recently as 1995, the Sun Theatre was a run-down heap?  It had been the height of sophistication in 1938 when it opened as a single-screen 1080 seat cinema but had declined over the years, finally being shut down in the 60s or 70s for unsanitary carpets!  See history here.  Now it is arguably the heart of Yarraville village, which is such a gorgeous destination for leisurely strolling and latte sipping, and my favourite place to do the latter is Cornershop.

FirstT CShop 032

I don't think the western suburbs has one cafe that you wouldn't feel comfortable in in your trackies.  Cornershop is no exception.  It's cool without being snobby in the slightest.  I love all the hodge podge furniture which is retro without being grotty.

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Latte love!  Cornershop use Coffee Supreme which is such a great blend, actually chocolatey in flavour.  The coffee is served at the proper latte temperature which is somewhere between warm and hot.  My only gripe with this is sometimes when you get takeaway, because the t/a cup is cold, it cools too fast.

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Avocado on toasted sourdough with lime, rocket & feta, $12

Ms H always gets this - "just fresh and simple" is how she describes it.  A tangle of rocket with a light feta dressing piled onto good bread with a single fat avocado cheek.

FirstT CShop 030
Pide with sopressa, tomato, rocket and asiago, $10

This was so great.  Mild salami contrasted with the strong, bitey asiago with surprisingly quite mellow rocket.  The bread was perfect with a crispy, toasted shell and soft bubbled interior.  FYI they did not do this wanky sandwich sculpture, that was my crude attempt at food styling.

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Jasmine and green tea - obviously quality, so fragrant.  We did not drink it fast enough for it to overbrew and become too tannic, unfortunately.

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Love this cafe - they make great coffee, the prices are reasonable and it still feels like the cafe on the corner.  They also apparently participate in the Ground-To-Ground program, which means they are happy to give you their used coffee grounds for your garden - they are an incredible source of nitrogen - keeping more green waste out of landfill.  Didn't need another reason to love them, but I do all the more now!

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11 Ballarat Street, Yarraville (map)
Phone:  9689 0052
Hours:  Tues-Sat 8am-9.30pm and Sun-Mon 8am-5pm

Don't forget Plan International's 'From Cup to Crop' challenge is on from Mar 14 to Apr 14.  Check out the website for how you can become involved.  I pledge to donate $3 per meal I have out during this month - Plan International can feed a child for 10 days for $3.

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  1. Yep, pretty cool place. I've had the fetta/avo combo a number of times - it's really brilliant in a simple way. In fact, we've taken to making it at home!

    Before we moved west, and I was living in St Kilda or the CBD, I visited Yarraville by train quite often to take in classic old-time B&W movies at the Sun. I really wish they still did that. As far as movies go, it's just the same as the biggies. Same prices, too, As far as I can tell.

  2. My favourite has to be Happy River Cafe. Great to let the little tackers run wild while soaking up the sun with a delicious coffee, perfect scrambled eggs and a fresh muffin.

  3. Ground-To-Ground program - that is awesome! More cafes should get onto it.

  4. I've never heard of the Ground-to-Ground program. Sounds great - especially for me a non coffee drinker. I might ask about that when I'm next at the Cornershop.

  5. Isn't Yazzers fantastic!! I love Cornershop and have been boring everyone about how they should go!!! There's also Hausfrau for some amazing savoury muffins and that children's bookshop is way too cute!!

  6. Eish - I remember when this shop was a Vietnamese picture framer. And when the Sun Theatre was being used for filming music videos. What a change. PS - good on you for supporting Plan's "From Cup to Crop" - great cause.

  7. It's a lovely space. I had coffees there when my cousin came to Melb for a visit.

  8. I disagree - I find that cafe particularly wanky. Most of the staff I've dealt with have been up themselves and unhelpful. In fact, twice I've experienced such rudeness that my mouth has been left hanging open in shock. Won't be going there again. A shame, because I quite like the location and space.

  9. Anon, I am so sorry to hear that!! :(

    Temasek - are those muffins like the fritters at Hausfrau with the sour cream and that special chilli sauce?? I used to eat one of them at least once a week! They are incredible!

    There have been a few hot tips for great cafes on the Facebook page - I have to say, I went to Mies in Spotswood on a tip and had hands down one of my top 10 coffees of all time.

  10. I've often been told to visit the corner shop. Again, and again, and again. Looks like it's really high time I headed that way!

  11. Hey There - i have found the corner shop to be a a bit of a disappointment - so much that we have stopped going. The service is so varied that it is often embarrassing taking guests there and the baked eggs come with included metal from the pan. The bottom of the eggs were a blueish colour from the metal dish, which was so disappointing. We have had some really excellent breakfasts there, but Trusty Touks is still the favourite (and the use the terracotta dish for baked eggs) :)

  12. Fraser, what a bummer. Nabiha in Moonee Ponds do baked eggs - I haven't tried them but everything else there is superb. Must go to Touks soon - the guy who runs it shops at Masters at Footscray Market so that gives him big props in my book!

  13. I love cornershop! The only downside for me is that is stops me going to other cafes in yarraville as often as i'd like :) Also, you probably know about it already, but there is a new very family friendly cafe just opened in Newport called Leroys. The menu looks good but its been so busy at the weekend i haven't been able to get in there yet! (newport people have been hanging out for a new cafe for a looong time!). I've heard good things about it though.

  14. I've been to Corner Shop a couple of times, happy it's not closer, i'd end up there a lot! I like their coffee too.


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