Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shanghai Dynasty

UPDATE:  Shanghai Dynasty no longer does yum cha!!!!  SOB!!!!!!

Isn't it funny when you have interstate visitors and you haul them around doing all the things in Melbourne you think they want to do, but you yourself never do?  Go down to St Kilda beach, go up the Rialto, go walk along Southbank, ho hum.  When we have visitors here a while back we took them to yum cha in Chinatown and it was so bad I wish I had showed them the real Melbourne and driven to Gold Leaf Sunshine, made them walk 20 minutes from the only parking spot we could find, crammed them into the waiting area eyeball to eyeball with the lobsters, before pillaging each cart filled with fabulous, authentic dim sum.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 139

That was why when Penny said she had found a great yum cha place in the city, I could not wait to check it out.  Shanghai Dynasty is on the second floor of the new centre that is on (I think) the old Village Cinemas site in Bourke Street.  China Red is on the ground floor as well as Dragon Boat (AVOID, AVOID)

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 135

Take the escalators up and it is as if you have been transported to a casino on the Las Vegas strip.  Opulence everywhere - filigree-encrusted grandfather clocks, diamantes, chandeliers galore.

 Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 134

Faux bronze statuettes of horsemen with bugles, Versace-esque medusa heads, marble columns, naves and apses and everywhere staff in natty livery dashing about with walkie talkies.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 130

 It seems so old world Europe - seemingly so un-Melbourne - yet I love it!

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 093

These are plain buns made of a similar dough to char siu bao, deep fried and served with condensed milk.  They were very naughty - the most processed white flour with a fried, crunchy exterior, dunked in fatty, sugary milk.  I was keen to try other more highly flavoursome things but the kids liked them.  First time seeing these at yum cha.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 094
Prawns in beancurd

Love this dish and this was a fantastic version.  Prawns are rolled into neat packages with beancurd skin which when fried becomes crispy like pastry with the soft, sweet prawns inside.  I may be wrong but I believe this wrapping is the skin formed when soy milk is boiled (just like the skin on your truckstop latte - mmm, not!)  There are also steamed versions which I am not a massive fan of.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 095
 Tofu with enoki mushrooms

Fantastic dish!  Little tofu lifeboats, bundles of enoki mushrooms lashed to them with a nori strip.  A fabulous textural contrast between the soft tofu and the pleasantly stringy mushrooms - and when I say "textural" it is not a euphemism (as it it often is) for bland.  Fabulous!

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 099
Salt and pepper squid

Pretty much perfect - soft and juicy squid in light, non-greasy batter, covered with that fabulous sprinkle of garlic, chilli, spring onion and all the little crispy battered bits that sloughed off.  Mmm!  This was more your classic restaurant style - I do like the other versions I have had at Gold Leaf in particular where the legs are less battered and there is no (albeit delicious) garlic/chilli sprinkle.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 107
Sticky rice

I get the sticky rice just about every yum cha and don't really know why.  The kids are never conned that it is fried rice as I always claim and I don't really love it that much myself.  This was the sticky rice turning point - best I have ever had - no kidding!  Each grain was separate, not mushy, nestled with plump pieces of Chinese sausage and umami-rich dried prawns.  So fabulous - I would go there just for this.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 096
Har gow

Plump - check.  Juicy - check.  Delicate - check.  Har gow are a yum cha classic and are said to be a good benchmark dish for a yum cha restaurant as they are hard to not make mushy.  These passed the test with flying colours.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 112
Cha siu bao

Every kid's favourite and big kids too.  Normally there are only two per basket.  I wish Shanghai Dynasty was around when we were little, because being one of three meant that we always had to get two baskets of cha siu bao which would make four and would inevitably lead to a fight over who got the last one.  The dough was soft, delicate and fragrant and the filling very carefully made - the hoi sin flavour was actually very light, they tasted more like pork buns than BBQ pork buns.  Nevertheless, a shining example of good bao.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 116
Cheong fun

Perfect prawn cheong fun, wide rice noodle sheets flopped around a filling to make delicate rolls.  These were well-made, not at all mushy and absolutely delicious.  I love the thin, sweet soy dressing.  Have a look at cheong fun in Macao here on Half-Eaten.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 100
 Stuffed mushrooms

These were very well-executed - button mushrooms stuffed with tender prawn mince, steamed and served in a thick garlic and butter sauce.  The sauce was not to my taste, maybe because it was so divergent from the rest of the Asian flavours.  I think this is one of Shanghai Dynasty's signature dishes though and Penny gave it a big thumbs up, so try it and see what you think.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 113
BBQ pork pastries

No kidding, these were the best BBQ pork pastries I have ever had.  The pastry was incredible - so flaky, literally melt-in-the-mouth, like a savoury yo-yo biscuit (I am sure the result of copious quantities of lard).  Tucked inside like a bulging wallet, the filling was warm, sweet BBQ pork, this time with a real cha siu/BBQ flavour that the bao earlier lacked.  Despite all of these rich ingredients they managed to taste so light.

Coconut Hse Shanghai Makhbaz 091
High chair at Shanghai Dynasty!

Excuse all the superlatives - the bling did not get to me, rather, it was in fact a truly fantastic yum cha experience.  This is the Melbourne branch of the original Shanghai Dynasty, a famed Cantonese restaurant in Shanghai itself.  The service was great - there are two yum cha sittings, 11am and 1pm, which makes it less of a bunfight.  Don't be intimidated by the decor - there is no dress code as such and they are very kid friendly.  Even the prices were a surprise, standard to supreme from $4.80 to $9.80.

Shanghai Dynasty is a winner for yum cha - they have the full package.  I say, it may be baroque, but don't fix it.

Shanghai Dynasty on Urbanspoon

Shanghai Dynasty
Address:  Level 1, 206 Bourke St, Melbourne (map)

Phone:  9663 7770
Yum cha $4.80 to $9.80

Wheelchair Access
Lift to first floor
Mention when booking as squishy and busy?


  1. Hahahaha love love LOVE your closing pun. I'll have to try this place, because my visit to Shark Fin Inn on the weekend was such a disappointment. Plus I want to check out the crazy decor from the inside. I heard that when you go to dinner, they remove the ornamental plates before serving you on plain white plates. The height of artifice! :)

  2. That is some serious bling ... and worth the price of admission alone. We have been looking out for an alternate city yum cha, can't wait to check it out!!

  3. Jonathon James ClarkeMarch 3, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    What a wonderful find! And I second the motion on the closing pun; well done!

  4. Oh gosh, I thought the tofu with enoki mushrooms were whole squid! Kinda gave me the heebie jeebies, which is odd, because I quite like calamari :P

    Also, something deep within me yearns for those sparkly gold statuettes...

  5. LOL I agree with Billy, your final sentence is priceless! I sooo wanna go there soon! Everytime my friend says we should do yum cha, I'd almost yell "Bling Bling Shanghai Dynasty!!"

  6. MUHAHAHA I have an audience for my bad jokes! At last!

  7. NIce! I may wonder back at some point as well... i actually quite like the bling.. so ASIAN!

  8. When I first heard about this place, I went up to have a look. It is amazing! So glad the food is good too. Shanghai Dynasty is at the top of my next yum cha outing!!

  9. I went there with my parents and their friends for dinner and the decor truly blew my mind. I think there's a chain of these restaurants in china, or at least, they've borrowed the interior design. The food was pretty good, but super expensive! My parents started talking to the manager and she said that the yum cha there was really popular, with tables booked ages in advanced. I'm so keen to go back again!

  10. So much bling! I snuck in there with a friend once to look at the decor... I've always been fond of crystal jade yumcha in the city but will have to try this one next!

  11. Wow the decor is so tacky - I love it!

    For yum cha, you definitely can't go past Gold Leaf. I like weighing myself at the fish tanks before and after I eat to see how many kgs of har gow I've eaten.

  12. Thanks for sharing this - we went on Saturday and had great yum cha. Yes, you need sunnies to ward off the gold-plastic glare, but the service is friendly, the food is great and the bill was about 30% less than we were expecting!

  13. Hi all - Aimee lol @ "gold-plastic glare"! I love the decor - so over the top! I agree, service is friendly and when you get the bill, you are pleasantly surprised.

    Celeste - going to Crystal Jade soon on your rec :)

    Choux-Fleur, I hope you like yum cha there! I would like to try dinner too. The live fish looked very enticing.

  14. OK, I'm hooked. I have a long list of places to go but the decor and your review have shot this to the TOP. I love awesomely bad, and this fits in that category.

  15. Tried to go today (Sunday) and despite it being well past the advertised 11am opening time, the place was closed and dark. Any idea what the story is there?

  16. Ian they don't do yum cha any more! So sorry, I should have updated the review. For some reason I thought I had. Sorry for the inconvenience :(


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