Friday, April 18, 2014

Footscray food tours - new dates!


Footscray - it's a wonderful place.  I don't know what my favourite is - these sort of prices...


...this way of restocking the drinks fridge (it's sugarcane, for sugarcane juice!)...

Photo by Nat Stockley

...or these lovely friendly faces.

Photo by Nat Stockley

Whether you're a newer resident or an old hand keen to find some new favourites, I would love you to join in the next round of Footscray Food Blog's Footscray food tours. My tours are completely independent, hosted by me, with small groups and packed full of information, stories, and delicious treats!


I have two itineraries for you to choose from. The Footscray Fresh Food Ramble is a market-based tour loaded with shopping tips and samples. If you're a newer resident who feels a little intimidated by the markets, or if you're simply curious about where to buy avocados for not $4 each, but $4 per kilo - this is the tour for you.


Hobsons Bay City Council booked a private tour based on the Fresh Food Ramble, in which I introduced a group of lovely Karen people to cheese for the first time! It was a smash hit - they bought Footscray Market Deli's entire stocked of washed rind!

Streetwise Snacks 2
Photo by Nat Stockley

Or maybe you'd like to explore Footscray's amazing multicultural community - and what better way than stomach first? On my Streetwise Snacks tour, we'll say g'day to the fantastic friendly folks in our amazingly diverse community while sampling their tasty wares. Think Somali street food, burek two ways, delightful desserts and more!


About the Footscray Fresh Food Ramble, Sasha from Yarraville said: "I had a ball on the Footscray food tour with Lauren. The markets have been on my doorstep for years but I just didn't have the knowledge or confidence to utilise them. Ever since the tour I have been back at least twice monthly and I am loving the quality and the prices! Lauren is really knowledgeable and passionate about the markets and the produce and I picked up a lot of good tips from her."


...and about Streetwise Snacks, Brett and Jenny from West Footscray said: "The tour is such a great way to explore the many hidden treasures of Footscray. Lauren took us to all the best spots and gave us plenty of tips on what to keep an eye out for... A must for any worldly foodie (and those of us wannabes). You certainly won't be left hungry! So much food!"



Footscray Fresh Food Ramble
DATES:  Friday 2 May, 11am
DURATION:  Minimum 1 hour
GROUP SIZE:  Maximum 10 people
PRICE:  $40 (plus 30-cent booking fee)
INCLUDES:  Drinks and generous samples
NB:  This tour is suitable for babes-in-arms or young toddlers, but due to the group size, please pop them in a carrier (eg, Baby Bjorn or Ergo), not a pram.

Streetwise Snacks
DATE:  Saturday 10 May, 1pm
DURATION:  Was 1.5 hours - NOW 2 HOURS!
GROUP SIZE:  Maximum 10 people
PRICE:  $80 (plus 30-cent booking fee)
INCLUDES:  Enough snacks to constitute a generous lunch!

I also run private tours which can be tailored to your requirements - they make a fantastic team-building opportunity for businesses and brilliant gifts. To find out more, get in touch with me on 0438 583 808 or


Come on and dive in!


  1. I can't believe I passed by the markets for so long without taking full advantage. The first ~6 years we resided Footscray I'd stop in once every few months or so for mangoes and other fruit and veg, but since I saw your video and took your tour, I've been a fortnightly visitor to the market - and probably saved hundreds because of it. Once I realised the fishmongers and butchers would actually finish their meat and fish the way I wanted - because every time I looked in the windows, it was all fish steaks, or giant tail hunks, and I didn't know what to do with it - I was off and I haven't looked back!


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