Friday, February 12, 2010

Vindaloo Against Violence


If you have been living under a rock as I evidently have been, Vindaloo Against Violence is a fantastic way to express your disgust at the recent attacks on Indian students here in our beautiful, multicultural Melbourne.  On 24 February, over 7,000 people will be eating at their local Indian restaurant as a show of solidarity with the Indian community.  Now you may be thinking this is all a bit pat, that it's a lazy, empty gesture towards a serious problem.  I disagree!  This is a 100% grass-roots movement, started by one woman with no political aspirations or connections, because she was appalled at recent events.  Many of us don't really know what to do, but want to do something.  I think the best result will be if it is widely reported in the media, so that we can get some positive vibes on the news, both here and overseas, and people can see that we are not all morons.  I have just one request - can I have a vada against violence, instead? :-)

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